Your Top 4 Film Schools in UK + Tuition Fee

If you’re looking for where you can get theoritical and practical trainings in film production or developing your existing skills, you can enrol in any of these top rated film schools in the UK.

A film school is any educational institution dedicated to teaching aspects of filmmaking, including such subjects as film production, film theory, digital media production, and screenwriting.

Film history courses and hands-on technical training are usually incorporated into most film school curricula.

Here are Top 4 Film Schools in The UK


  • Website:
  • Location: 24 Shelton St, London
  • Fees: The two-year film-making MA currently costs £9,047 ($13,5750) per term, or £54,282 ($82, 510) in all. There is a detailed breakdown of all fees on the website.

The London Film School (LFS) is a not-for-profit film school in London and is situated in a converted brewery in Covent Garden, London, close to a hub of the UK film industry based in Soho. The LFS was founded in 1956 by Gilmore Roberts as the London School of Film Technique in Brixton and later moved to Charlotte Street, becoming The London Film School under Principal Bob Dunbar. From 1971 to 2000 it was known as The London International Film School, and reverted to the name London Film School in 2001.

It offers MA degrees in Filmmaking, Screenwriting and, in partnership with the University of Exeter, a unique MA in International Film Business and a PhD in Film by Practice.

The school focuses on experienced film students, offering MA and even PhD courses, plus workshops, rather than undergraduate, part-time, or introductory studies. The courses don’t include anything for actors, but are immersive for would-be directors, producers, and writers. They generally run over one or two years.

There also workshops and summer courses, for which students can browse and book short-term accommodation at reasonable prices through the school’s website.

LFS has an extensive film library and also provides students with access to the London Metropolitan University Library. As part of its active support for sales of its students’ output to national and international broadcasters and distributors, the school shows its productions at a claimed 150+ film festivals across the world.

Well-known former alumni include Mike Leigh, director of Mr. Turner, Vera Drake, and Secrets and Lies, among others (he’s also the school’s chairman), and four-time Oscar nominee Michael Mann, who directed and produced Miami ViceHeatAli, and The Last of the Mohicans.





  • Website:
  • Location: Bldg E Ealing Studios, Ealing Green, London
  • Fees: These start at £300 ($460) for two-day introductory courses, then £15,750 ($23,950) for a typical three-year BA, and £17,500 ($26,700) for one-year postgraduate degrees.

The Met Film School (MFS) is a private film school in London and is situated in Ealing Studios, London. The Met Film School was founded in 2003, one of the co founders was Luke Montague, and moved from its original Clapham Junction location to Ealing Studios in 2005.

The MET Film School, run courses in acting, cinematography, post-production, screenwriting, producing, special effects, editing, and more, including documentary. In addition to introductory two-day courses, one can study over as little as three months for some diplomas, up to full-time over three years for an Honours BA in practical film-making; postgraduate (MA) courses are also available.


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The London Film Academy (LFA) is a UK film school situated in Fulham, London. Founded in 2001 as a non-profit making trust, the LFA provides practical courses on a variety of film-making skills

  • Fees: Fairly reasonable, certainly by comparison with LFS. A two-day (full-time) introductory course, Casting for Screen, kicks off the table at just £250 ($380); a one-year diploma is usually £19,500 ($29,650); and a two-year MA in film-making costs the same amount for the first year and only £12,000 ($18,250) for the second year. There are full details on fees for each course on the website.

The school has a relatively narrow selection of courses, but does offer a variety of formats: one-day introductory sessions, workshops, certificates (4-6 weeks), diplomas (6-12 months), and a full slate of undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) options (two years, mostly). Documentary-making is taught at introductory, certificate, and diploma levels.





  • Website:
  • Location: 38 Rosebery Avenue, London
  • Fees: The foundation course is probably the most interesting. It involves weekly three-hour sessions for 10 weeks and costs £1,199 ($1,825), payable in full or in four instalments of £312.50 ($475) each.

City Academy is an adult creative and performing arts academy, offering daytime, evening and weekend courses in dance, drama, singing, writing, filmmaking, photography, art, design, life skills, & business training.

City Academy has over 40 locations across London, but its base is in Islington, just north of the city centre. It’s privately funded, so not to be confused with publicly-funded City of London Academy.

City offers a narrow range of mainly technical subjects, such as editing with Final Cut Pro X software, DSLR filmmaking, and Photoshop (the last for stills photography). However, there is also a course on making short films and an intensive foundation filmmaking course for beginners. Foundation classes are small, held in a professional film/TV studio near Piccadilly, and mostly in the evening or at weekends; there’s no full-time curriculum.


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