Worldwide Shining Light Award for Journalists from Developing Countries 2017

At regular intervals, the Global Investigative Journalism Network shows the Global Shining Light Award, an extraordinary honor which respects investigative news-casting in a developing or transitioning nation under risk, coercion, or in the direst of conditions.

Application Deadline: fifteenth May 2017

Qualified Countries: Developing Countries

To be taken at (nation): Johannesburg, South Africa.

About the Award: Each year many columnists and media personnels are murdered – and hundreds more are assaulted, detained or debilitated –while doing their assignments. A number of these infringement of free expression happen in Developing or emerging nations, and regularly amid military clashes. There are various worldwide honors perceiving such assaults on flexibility of expression.

In any case, there is another reasonable pattern that rises in investigations of worldwide assaults on correspondents and the media. An ever increasing number of writers are being murdered, and media outlets assaulted, on the grounds that they are doing essential endeavors in investigative news coverage – uncovering awkward truths, sparkling light on precise defilement, and giving responsibility in social orders longing for Democratic Governance and advancement. There are more columnists executed every year covering debasement and legislative issues as are murdered covering wars, as indicated by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

For the worldwide investigative news-casting group, GIJN is satisfied to perceive and praise these fearless investigative writers and their work.

Sort: Contest, Award

Qualification: The columnist, news-casting group, or media outlet gives free, investigative announcing, which:

Begun in and influenced an emerging or developing nation

Was communicated or distributed between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016;

Was of an investigative nature;

Revealed an issue, wrong-doing, or arrangement of debasement which gravely influenced the benefit of everyone;

What’s more, did as such even with capture, detainment, viciousness against them and their families, or dangers and terrorizing

Estimation of Contest: The champ gets a privileged plaque, US$2,000, and a trek to the 2017 Global Investigative Journalism Conference to acknowledge the honor before several of their partners from around the globe.

Length of Contest: November 16-19 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The most effective method to Apply: Online entries are unequivocally favored.

Apply online now

On the off chance that you have to send printed copy, mail it to: Global Shining Light Awards/GIJN, Pozsonyi Way 10, second floor 8 entryway, Budapest 1137, Hungary. Any inquiries concerning the honor ought to be messaged to

On the off chance that entries are in dialects other than English, you should give a point by point English-dialect outline of a print or online story, or an English-dialect transcript of a communicate script.

Visit Contest Webpage for subtle elements

Grant Provider: Global Investigative Journalism Network

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