Where to Study in Spain

study in spain2If you’re clear about what you want to study, now comes the second step: where to study. Here we show the different types of centres exist in Spain, where you can study any kind of higher education. There are eight types of centres.


They can be public, private or church universities. They are higher education institutions that grant degrees and accredited official, valid throughout the Spanish territory and in the whole territory of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) environment. They can be funded by the state, for their own students or the Church. It is the institution of higher education’s most prestigious and essence of this type of training.

Affiliated centres to Universities

Private higher education granting degrees officers and approved, thanks to an agreement with a university.

Centres run by foreign universities

Private schools offering higher education relevant to foreign educational systems , supported by international and duly accredited universities to impart these teachings in Spain.

Private higher education institutions

Also known as private schools. Not to be confused with the university affiliated institutions because their curricula are not approved by the University Council. The private qualifications may have high demand in the labour market if the centre has a good reputation and professional recognition.

Schools Art Education

Higher Conservatory of Music, Drama Colleges, Professional Conservatory of Dance, School of Restoration and Conservation, Design and Applied Arts.

Military Academies

Military academies , maritime academies, general air academies, university centres of Defence and other specialized schools offering Military Education Training future members of the Spanish armed forces.

Vocational Training Centres

Of public and private vocational training where they are taught intermediate level training courses, leading to the title of Technician, and Higher Level training courses, leading to the title of Technician.

Online Training Centres

Universities, private schools and foreign who offer training offered through the Internet, using a data playback curricula and other academic and administrative services present in any study centre (tutoring and student support). This methodology can be studied from official and accredited university courses to practical training courses.


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  1. This blog really helps to clarify the doubts of aspiring students who are looking for tangible study options in Europe, mainly in Spain. It is easily understandable from this blog that what people perceive as a country with low rate of students pursuing higher studies, is not the truth. I knew that the place was teeming with architectural wonders and hence, art colleges would be plenty in there. I appreciate this blog.

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