Where to Go During Schoolies Week

If there is one event that sums up everything good about school and youth, it is Schoolies week. It is a three-week long gala, which coincides with the beginning of summer in Australia. Schoolies is a gathering of Year 12 students from all over the country, although other kids may also participate. The annual festival is held at the Gold Coast in the state of Queensland. However, students can visit alternate locations also, many of which are highlighted below.

Gold Coast, Queensland

The city is wildly popular with tourists because of its variety of beaches and amusement parks. That makes it the perfect place for Schoolies. Also called the Glitter Strip, nearly half of the city is covered by rain forests and natural vegetation. The other half consists of a 70 kilometre coastline which boasts of multiple beaches like Surfer’s Paradise and Southport.

The city’s subtropical climate is another reason why it is ideal for Schoolies. All of this is why Gold Coast attracts almost 10 million tourists every year. This figure includes nearly 30,000 students who attend Schoolies here. Surfer’s Paradise is the hub of Schoolies activity. As the name suggest, its shores are optimal for surfing. Beyond that, attendees can go with their friends to places like Adrenalin Park. The amusement park has multiple rides and a miniature golf course which people can enjoy.

Byron Bay

Although Schoolies first started in the early 70’s, it has outgrown the Gold Coast as commercialism has creeped in to the annual event. Other locations which play host to Schoolies include Byron Bay, among others. Situated in New South Wales, Byron Bay has wonderful beaches as well.

The coastal town has a relaxed vibe about it. Attractions like a number of clubs and bars contribute to that. For youngsters fond of drinking and socialising with others, it is strongly suggested that they visit the bay during Schoolies.

Whether you want to barbecue on the beach or party long in to night, Byron Bay offers plenty of opportunities to have an unforgettable time. If you’re confused between the two locations, you can consult travel agencies like Sure Thing Travel for information.

Bali, Indonesia

Students also venture beyond borders for Schoolies. The Indonesian island of Bali has become a favourite for those who enjoy travelling. Youngsters can revel in the scenic beauty and the exchange rate is also kind to Australians.

Students from Western Australia are particularly fond of Bali. The small isle has expansive greener for nature lovers. If you enjoy trekking or climbing, it has many volcanic mountains. There are several religious sites for those who want to do something other than party.

If this doesn’t interest you, Bali also has attractions like Dreamland Beach and Tanjung Benoa for students who just want to relax. It really captures the imagination and gives visitors are sense of adventure, which is what Schoolies is about.

There are more places to visit for Schoolies as well. Students can go to Airlie Beach, where they can witness the magnificent Great Barrier Reef first hand. They can also go for snorkelling and kayaking in the region.

All in all, students can go to different places and have an unforgettable time nonetheless.

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