When to start sending your admission application


Most applicants do not know when they should start sending their admission applications and they end up sending it after the deadline, it is very important that you check the deadline for submission of application so you will be guided accordingly.

If your application gets to the school after the fixed deadline, it will not be processed and you will be denied an offer to study in the school. However, to avoid this ugly situation, it is advisable you send your application as early as possible.

There are so many benefits associated with sending your application early.

When you send your application early, the school will receive it on time and start processing it and you will be given an offer letter on time. With your offer letter, you can apply for scholarships, funding, accommodation, visa etc. remember, you have only about 5months to do all these things before you commence your study. So it’s important that you start early.

I have decided to post a list of selected countries with the deadline for their admission, so you will know when to start your application.

Country                                             admission deadline

England                                             July – August

Finland                                               January – February

Germany                                            July – August

Ukraine                                             July – August

Russia                                                June – July


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