What You Need to Know about Chinese Higher Education System

What if we offer you $500,000? You don’t have to do something illegal. Would you like to know how to get it? To own this sum, all that you have to do is to graduate a high school.

We are talking about Chinese graduates who wish to enter a college. As statistics say, the ones who successfully complete this task earn more than the ones who do not. State-owned colleges in China take care of their students and provide them with quality education. This dictum is always of current concern.

Why should you pursue higher education? If you are one who wishes to sit pretty for the rest of his life, you are required to overcome college in China.


The best higher schools of China

All colleges are state-owned. A single program doesn’t exist. Universities differ from each other in the adoption offers and courses. Unlike most European and American ones, Chinese institutions have a division. A school cannot teach lots of different specialties.There are technical, pedagogical, linguistic courses among others. There are classes where Geography and Economics are taught along with the language. In some colleges,special attention is paid to local dialects and Agriculture. Archaeology and Demography are also present. Higher schools which prepare politicians and businessmen spend academic hours differently. Students evolve the skills of speech, pronunciation and writing high quality research papers for students. In some, you can learn Japanese as an option. Translation from Chinese to other oriental languages is also popular.

Each university in China has its own advantages:

  • The largest one is based in Beijing.It owns a number of faculties and the best technical base. This institution is located in one of the most beautiful parks in China. It is next to the historical landmark, the ruins of Ikeiuan.
  • Peking Institute of Languages ​​has a faculty of journalism. You can unite business with pleasure.To spend time in a popular tourist center choose the Guangxi Pedagogical University. It is located in the heart of the country at the foot of the Shinzi Mountain.
  • Sichuan University is an ideal place for quiet and focused study. The old methods of teaching are offset by an ideally organized campus. The conditions are lovely.Rooms are designed for two people with the presence of desired facilities.
  • The most picturesque scenery is in Dalian. It is located in the southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula. The ancient courses are learnt without steering too far from the foot of the mountain. At the University of Dalian, students are obliged to take gymnastics and literary creativity. In other colleges, pupils are taught modern subjects. For instance, International trade,Jurisprudence, Finance and Economics.

The division in two languages is a power move. It consistently attracts foreign students to the Middle Kingdom. As has been mentioned, English and Chinese stay in priority. Those wishing to study abroad are offered special seminars and conferences.

How does it operate?

These schools provide three stages of higher education. A student must dedicate 4 or 5 years to science.He gets a Bachelor’s degree at the end. This is the first step. The next level is a Master’s degree. It requires a lot of effort and is for 2 to 3 years. The last stage ends with the award of a doctorate similar to Ph.D. Primarily this one consists of 3 years. To get it, you should pass exams on the main subjects.The research project is also claimed.

After mastering Chinese, you can enter into a Bachelor’s program. To do this, you must be at least 18 years old and have a certificate of secondary education. We’ve done an overview of the standard documents ’package. It includes an application form and a transcript. You may add health certificate, photocopy of the passport and payment order for the registration fee. The Master’s program claims a diploma’s copy, an extract from the record book and feedbacks from a teacher or employer.

The importance of self-training.

The lectures, self-training and homework are the principal methods of teaching. These ones should not be forgotten. Their positive impact on the student’s improvement is broad. The historically established classical system assumes that students master a lot of sources on their own.This results in a small number of audit hours in the curriculum in comparison to other universities.


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