Want to Study in Norway with No Tuition Fee?

Norway, is one of the Scandinavia countries. Norway is the largest country in the cultural-linguistic region of Northern Europe with borders to Sweden, Finland and Russia on the east side.

Is it possible to study as an international student without scholarship and still study free? When it comes to quality education, Norway for sure pride itself in that, with students not having to pay tuition fees at any level, especially Bachelor’s. 

Despite the lack of tuition fees, students will still have to pay a semester fee, which typically amounts to around 500 NOK (roughly 66 EUR) per semester. Norwegian universities do not charge tuition fees for international students. Class sizes are small and professors are easily approachable.

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Generally, students at state universities and university colleges do not pay tuition fees. This is true for all levels, including undergraduate studies, Masters programmes and Ph.D. programmes. However, the semester fee of NOK 300-600 each semester students pay, enables them to sit for exams. This fee will have to be paid in full. However, the fee also grants you membership in the local student welfare organisation, which in turn entitles you to several benefits. These benefits may include on campus health services, counselling, access to sports facilities and cultural activities.

Payment of the semester fee is also neccessary to get an official student card that, among other things, gives you reduced fares on most forms of public transport and lower ticket prices to various cultural events.

State universities and university colleges may have tuition fees for a few specialised programmes. Typically these programmes are at the Masters level.

list with examples of free universities in Norway:
  1. Nord University;
  2. UIT the Arctic University of Norway;
  3. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences;
  4. University College of Southeast Norway.
Top-ranked Norway universities where you can also study for free:
  1. University of Oslo;
  2. University of Bergen;
  3. Norwegian University of Science and Technology;
  4. Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Study and Work in Norway.

It is possible but challenging to find a part time job. Nevertheless, students can apply to acquire part time permit or permit to seek employment during vacations. An international student is allowed to work for 20 hours per week once the permit is granted.

Students Accommodation costs in Norway

This is actually one of the challenges students are face with. The living expenses in Norway are quite on the high side. Looking for an accommodation? The easiest way to get away with it is to secure a room through the International Office, in one of the student villages.

Demand is very high and finding accommodation should be a priority when you are first applying to the university, as it will be infinitely harder to find a room once the academic year starts. For example, the most popular student village in Trondheim is called Moholt and it houses most of the international students.

A room here costs 2.700 – 3.000 NOK (360 – 400 EUR), but unlike another type of accommodation, it includes water and laundry facilities, Internet and cable TV. A deposit of 5.000 NOK (670 EUR) is also required for single rooms and this will be refunded once you move out.

Keep in mind that, if you are not an exchange student, you have to find accommodation yourself. Student rooms to rent in the city can be as high as 4.000 NOK (515 EUR) per month or more, facilities not included.

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