List of top medical colleges in Poland with tuition fees

Every year, more and more students are choosing to study abroad in Poland. These students are drawn to its high-quality education institutions, low tuition fees, and equally low cost of living

Poland’s medical schools, in particular, are drawing an increasing number of international students. Many international students who have been unable to get into a medical program in their home country choose instead to study medicine in Poland. Although these courses are taught in English, Polish speaking skills are likely to become necessary by the end of the program, when students begin consultations with patients.

Today, I’m going to  talk about some these good medical universities in Poland with affordable tuition fees. I will also provide a link that will help you get more information from the school.


Gdansk Medical Academy

The medical university of Gdansk provides education to over 6000 students, PhD and postgraduate students. International students constitute 10% of MUG students and represent more than half of all international students studying in Gdansk.


First year – 10,000 euro

Second to sixth year – 9,302 euro

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Medical Academy in Lodz

The medical University of Lodz is the largest state-owned medical university in Poland whose mission is;

  • Educating students in Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and medicine allied disciplines.
  • Educating research staff and conducting research work.
  • Participating in health care programs set by the social health care system.


First to fifth year – 11,000 euro per year

Sixth year – 10,000 euro per year

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Medical Academy in Wroclaw

The faculty of medicine is the oldest and the largest faculty of the Wroclaw medical university. It was established on November 1945 as one of the six faculties of the university of Wroclaw and Technical university.


First year – 12,000 euro per year

Second to sixth year – 8,000 euro per year

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Medical Academy in Warszawa

The faculty of medicine was established in 1993 at the medical university of Warsaw. The faculty offers two programs:

  • A  6 – year program for high school graduates and,
  • A  4 – year program for college/university graduates

At the end of each program the graduate are awarded the MD degree and receive a medical diploma recognized in the European union, USA, Canada and most other countries of the world.


6 year program

First to sixth year – 11,100 euro per year

4 year program

First to sixth year – 14,400 euro per year.

Request information here.




For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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  2. please, write in which language does those universities teach ! Because the majority of us want to study in englisH ,

  3. Hi, I’m an Indian and my son would like to study medicine in Poland starting from next year (2016-2017), teaching language English
    Which university is the best and affordable
    Which university is having more Indian students?

  4. I daughter is completing her Edexcel A/L curricular in Medicine subject and looking for freezable university to enroll her for the doctor degree.

    Hope you could provide us the courses and other relevant details such school fees and boarding fees for us to have an idea and how it is freezable for our budget.

    Looking forward to hear from your soon.

  5. My daughter is intetested studying medicine in Poland Could you kindly let me know which college has a good strength of Indians

  6. Hi everyone
    I want to study Medicine and be able to do internship and work too in Europe and I am not sure which country is the best. I had consultation that Romania and Bulgaria are the cheapest in Europe followed by Georgia as well, but that is outside Europe. Could someone please give me some advice who has information and/or experience?

    Thank you very much and waiting for some response.

  7. Hai I’ve a diploma in medlab I’m interested in the 4 year programme in medicine do I qualify as postgraduate could the fees be be put in USD thank you

  8. Hi, I would like to study in Poland medicine, after I finish my school, It will be 2018-2019. I would like to know which uni is for me suitable, cause I looked for some and they are expensive…

  9. I am from Nigeria and looking for a Poland university with English program for medicine. Also a university with Nigerians will be preferable. Thanks

  10. Hi, I would like to know is there a possibility to be accepted to Warsaw medical school without the MCAT score because I have not taken it. I want to start school this upcoming September. I would be doing the 4 year program.

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