Top Ideas for Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

Sometimes essay writing can be difficult for many students. It’s hard to come up with new and fresh ideas, pick the best topics to use, structure the work correctly, and express one’s thoughts. But once you’ve figured out what a problem solution essay is, you can be sure that you won’t have many difficulties with creating it.

Problem solution essays are quite like cause and effect essays. They have a specific structure, which includes such components as a situation or an event, a problem it causes, a possible solution to it, and an evaluation of the situation. So, it’s pretty easy: in this type of paper, you need to describe a certain issue and suggest a possible way to resolve it.

While doing that, you also need to express your personal opinion on the matter and prove why the way you want to solve it is the best. That’s how you will inspire your readers. Stuck on your essay? Look the essay topic here :

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Writing a quality problem-solution paper is based on a comprehensive subject. So, when picking a problem solution essay topic, you need to keep in mind that your text has to be persuasive. You should evoke the interest of the reader in the issue, convince them that this issue is important and needs to be dealt with, suggest a possible solution and explain it clearly, and convince your readers that your solution is effective. These are the main goals of this piece of writing.

The general tone of your paper is important too. If you want to persuade the reader, you must sound logical, reasonable, appealing, and knowledgeable in your paper. Also, try to predict the reaction of your readers. Think of some helpful points, proposals, and argumentation, which might influence the reader, help them understand the problem, and inspire them to try and fix it.

To understand what exactly you are going to write, you can answer a couple of questions like “How many problems will I talk about?”, “How am I going to introduce the issues and what expressions am I going to use?”, “What are the results of each problem?”.  This will help you plan your writing process further. Don’t describe too many problematic issues: two or three would be enough, as your piece shouldn’t be too long.

The same rule applies to writing about solutions: ask yourself what the possible solutions are, how to describe them, and how to implement them. But don’t forget that brevity is always a wise choice.

Another important thing you should consider is research. When writing an essay, you need to realize that no matter how much you know about the matter, there’s always more to find out. There is so much useful information, which might help you invent new solutions and come up with personal ideas, or simply inspire you to write what you want to write. So, it’s better to do a thorough research before starting the process.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

After you’ve picked your problem solution essay topic and before you’ve started your essay writing process, you need to figure out which way your paper is going to go. You need to follow a certain structure as such type of paper usually contains many components. That’s why it’s important to create an outline first.

Start with the introduction. A useful trick is to start the paragraph with a question because it can capture your reader’s attention from the very beginning and introduce the problem unobtrusively. You must explain the significance of the question you bring to life in this paragraph.

Then you describe the possible ways to deal with it. This part of an essay is called “body” and should contain the list of potential solutions, your opinion on them, and possible ways to implement them. Don’t forget to support your point of view with some evidence, whether it’s a statistical report, research results, or something else you’ve found during your own research.

The final part of your essay is the conclusion. That’s where you make a brief summary of your paper, pointing out the most important matters and proposing the final (and the most efficient) solution. You can also describe what is going to happen if your solution will not be implemented. This is a call to action that can influence your readers too.

A helpful trick is the usage of visualization because when you use detailed descriptions, you can make the audience really see the problem and feel the need to fix it. You can present some personal examples, like a story from your life or a situation that happened where you live or with someone you know. This will make your essay more personal and will awaken the reader’s feelings.

Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas

Choosing the suitable subject for your paper is important. That’s why we have sorted out the best and the most relevant problem solution essay topics here. Check out this list and feel free to pick anyone you like the most. No matter which problem solution topic you select, you will be able to make every reader interested, raise some vital questions, and discuss the issues of urgent importance.

  • The younger generation:
  1. Freelance jobs and the declining unemployment rates.
  2. Movie and TV censorship as a way to reduce violence.
  3. To pay or not to pay: allowing students to deal with their college tuitions to make them more mature.
  4. Group projects as a way to stop bullying at school.
  5. Raising awareness of social problems with the help of Facebook.
  • Health:
  1. Treating depression with a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Adopt a dog and get rid of your anxiety.
  3. Showing the non-retouched pictures of celebrities and models as a way to prevent bulimia and self destruction.
  4. Ban of tobacco ads as a way to reduce the number of smoking people.
  5. Obesity and its connection with the genetically modified foods.
  • Environment:
  1. Banning the use of pesticides and how it can improve the national health rates.
  2. Promoting the use of bicycles as a way to reduce air pollution.
  3. Solving the climate crisis by investing in alternative energy sources.
  4. A one-child policy as a solution to the world overpopulation problem.
  5. Vegetarianism and veganism as a way to reduce the number of environmental issues.
  • Society:
  1. Solving the gun violence problem by educating the citizens.
  2. Putting an end to domestic violence by providing psychological help.
  3. Facebook as a way to develop communication skills.
  4. Clothes donation and its impact on solving the world poverty problem.
  5. Volunteering as a way to become a better citizen.

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