Top 5 Benefits of Keeping a Diary


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Many people, especially men, are skeptical towards diaries. If you’re one of those who come up with the image of the rose diary of a teenage girl, the following lines are just for you! I’m going to dispel all the myths and prove the usefulness of keeping a diary.

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So what to record to get benefits? Actually, that doesn’t matter – you can write about what has happened with you during the day, describe your mental state and feelings or plans or analyze the reasons for mistakes of the past.

Whether you like it or not, diaries are dying because of a too great temptation to use Internet applications. But very few note that the latter have restrictions. For example, in your diary, you can draw, write, paste some notes, delete half the pages or specifically leave traces from a Cup of coffee. In other words, you have unlimited opportunities for your creativity and fantasy.

Below are some of the most useful aspects of keeping a diary, among many others. Yes, you finally have to sit down and straighten your back!

#1 Mindfulness

When was the last time you were here and now in your thoughts? Well, if this happens often, that’s just because this is the only way you can assess your thoughts, feelings, and actions. There is a clear link between mindfulness and happiness because usually, our thoughts about the past and future are far from rosy. The frustration from the past and anxiety about the future recede into the background. Of course, in the diary, you will describe both, but much more important is that you will analyze these moments at present.

When a person thinks about the past, he/she stumbles upon the same thoughts again and again. When writing records, you can develop the ideas and finally, treat them consciously instead of just thinking.

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#2 Emotional Intelligence

Anyway, you’ll have to examine your current emotions and memories. And finally, you’ll give the correct definition to feelings, emotions, and mood that you’re experiencing now or have experienced before. This is important because very often, we do not understand what we feel or simply deny our emotional state.

The first step towards the development of the emotional intelligence is to learn to recognize feelings and how to manage your condition, change emotions, and even cause some if needed. For example, you may want to quickly relieve stress or get in a fun state. The diary will help to adopt a specific emotion because it teaches us to narrow the range and not to experience a few dozen emotions at the same time.

#3 Concentration

Keeping a diary doesn’t allow you look aside simply because you’re preoccupied. There’s no problem with distracting from the series if someone writes to you – you just pause the series and then renew it. But if you’re in a special focused state, you’re extremely difficult to distract, which leads to the increase in concentration. After some time, you will start to notice that it becomes easier to understand complex things and not be distracted during a conversation.

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#4 Answers to the Questions

The brain goes into a particular state when it receives questions. The problem is that most people do not ask themselves any questions, and if they ask, they all have the following form: “I won’t succeed, will I?”

By keeping a diary, you’ll ask yourself questions at different scales, from household to global. These two levels are important as they form your mindset and consciousness. Change your routine, and you will get rid of many negative habits. So do not hesitate to ask yourself questions about everything!

#5 The Ability to Ponder

Surprisingly, but people are thinking less and less, though they know more than people from previous centuries. We just replace thinking with knowledge.

Yes, we think so rarely that when we go to bed, we can’t sleep as the brain is striving hard to give some thoughts and something to think about. It got so much information per day that it is unable to digest it, and starts to compensate it when we finally log out of the Internet and trying to sleep.

A diary allows you to restore the forgotten feeling of reflection. Always try to develop original thoughts. Now very few people know how to do it. In the diary, you can take the idea and develop it to the extent of the page.


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