Top 10 Great European Distance Learning Universities


Distance learning2Distance learning is the concept of studying a degree without having to attend a university in person. It means that you will be at home, or anywhere else, while the content is fed to you – usually via the internet.

This kind of learning is best suited to individuals that are unable to get out of their house or have to stay in a certain geographical area for a period of time (work reasons). Most prestigious Universities offer distance learning courses. They cost of obtaining a degree via distance learning is considerably lower than attending the University yourself.

But, it doesn’t mean that anybody is able to enroll in the course offered. You will still need to meet all the entry criteria for your chosen subjects, including language requirements. If you need to, the try to join a top English learning course abroad.

We have compiled a list of the best Universities in Europe to look at when checking for distance learning courses. You can find all programs from short courses to Ph.D.’s.

  1. Utrecht University, Netherlands

This Dutch university is one of the best in the world when it comes to online learning. The German CHE Excellence ranked 4th in Europe.

Utrecht University allows students to choose from a diverse range of subject areas. The University focuses on Postgraduate learning. Utrecht University has courses in medicine, veterinary science, and epidemiology.

Students studying via online learning are able to interact and research on coursework from their own homes, all of which is supervised by Professors from the University.

  1. Uppsala University, Sweden

The Uppsala University in Sweden is ranked in the top 5 universities in northern Europe. The University offer distance learning courses which are provided to students via downloadable packages and video lectures. Assessments are done at the end of a program and are written online.

  1. Webster Vienna University, Austria

This Austrian University is aimed at people who have already completed their undergraduate studies and are looking for post-graduate qualifications. Distance learning students are not bothered by deadlines as it is more self-paced.

  1. Wismar University Wings, Germany

The Wismar University is an award-winning University that is renowned for its post-graduate education. It has a great online learning program in “Professional Studies Lighting Design.”Courses offered by the University range from economic courses to IT and design. Some options can require students to attend a few lectures at a location on campus, for only a few days.

  1. Online Business School, Spain

The University of Barcelona and the EAE Business School have collaborated to create a business school – one of the best in Spain. Ranked in the top 5, by the Merco in 2013. It is a business school and all of its courses are business oriented. The programs offered include business administration, marketing, and finance.

  1. Wageningen University, Netherlands

Another Dutch entry, the Wageningen University made it in the Top 100 best Universities in the world (ranked by the Time Higher Education).

The University offers a number of courses in agriculture and the environment, making it the perfect place to seek an online course. Although, the tuitions cost are relatively high.

  1. InstitutoEuropeo Campus Stellae, Spain

Our second Spanish entry, the InstitutoEuropeo in Spain provides a reliable postgraduate online course and only picks the best students from around the world. Their distance learning courses involve using state of the art video conferencing software and equipment.

  1. International School of Management, France

This French based University allows students to learn specific sets of courses online, usually for spanning for a year. You will be able to sign up whenever you please, with courses that a self-paced and can be done between 3 months to a year.

  1. Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

The Cork Institute of Technology allows students to complete courses via distance learning. They have several subject areas, including engineering, IT, computer science, and many other graphics based courses. The university has state of the art software to help students learn quickly. All of their applications are easy to download and setup – given that you have the required hardware.

  1. University of Helsinki, Finland

The University of Helsinki is ranked in the Top 100 Universities in the world. This Finnish University offers a variety of postgraduate options which are can be accessed by distance learning students. Each of their programs is offered in the English language. Another bonus is that most of their Master’s programs are free.

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