Tips for Students Studying Abroad In Germany

study in Germany2If you are aspiring for a degree in one of the many distinguished Universities in Germany, then you’ve landed just the right blog! You’ve got your admission, you’ve figured out the costs, you have your visa, and you’re all set for a degree program in one of the world’s best locations with a highly efficient education system, Germany.

If you’re a student coming from a first-world capitalist city (yeah, you know where), you are likely to find the metros and buses rather unusual. This is a place where few people buy cars. The country is well-kept and overall pretty clean. Oh, and Germans are obsessed with trash recycling – done the proper way!

Let’s look at a few other tips that will help you sail through your time in Germany, until it’s time to pack the bags again.

  • Embrace the Public Transportation: Clearly, you won’t have the time or cash to buy a car. Lucky for you though, even the locals in Germany are all-in for the public transportation which is why it is the best option for you even as a foreign student. We know you miss driving your dad’s Chevy, but a student bus ticket is awfully cheap and will probably enable you to travel around the entire city without shelling out much. Also, watch out for cyclists! They travel pretty fast and often don’t have the time to stop for pedestrians.


  • Punctuality: Label punctuality as your number one rule on the list. Being late to class is a major no-no. Ask your dad to gift you a watch before you go and make sure you wear it all times. Be early, or be on time. Never be late. Never!
  • Oral Exams/Vivas: Watch out for oral exams. The Germans professors haven’t ditched this teaching method yet. Vivas can be pretty scary and feel like an unsolicited job interview. However, the German professors won’t care what you think or how much you sweat. They’ll just want you to be ready to answer the questions correctly when asked.
  • Love Soccer – Even If You Hate It: Germans are obsessed with soccer – no wait — football! If you can, try to get to know a little bit about soccer and the local teams. Try not to offend your German friends when they ask you about which team you think will win. If you end up giving the wrong answer, you might get to hear something like, “Sie dumm fuhrt!” (trust me, the meaning is not bad as it sounds).
  • Get Used to the Smoke: You’ll find a smoker here and a smoker there and there won’t be any stopping to them. Unfortunately, Germany does not ban smoking in public places (none).So, both avoid public places and people who smoke, or just learn to get used to it.
  • Study the Washing Machine: German washing machine options are as complicated as operating a factory production machine (wait, those are probably easier). It would be best to learn the control panel option and icons either online or from a person who can explain it to you in English. You wouldn’t want to mess it up and ruin your favorite shirts.
  • Learn the art of Trash-Sorting: Don’t trash away your German trash the wrong way. Germans have a “right” way of disposing trash that might make you feel like it’s an added homework. However, this proper method is actually a great thing and should be practiced in other countries as well.

There are five or six different trash varieties and you have to know which goes where beforehand. Germans are famous for being environmental friendly and you don’t want to upset their clean and unpolluted system.

  • Don’t Pass Out Random Smiles (unless you’re flirting): While smiling is a sign of friendliness in most Western countries, it does not carry the exact same meaning among Germans. They may interpret a random smile from a random person as “overly welcoming” or confusing. Small talk and random smiles are not on the list of expectations from German strangers.



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