Tips for Staying Safe While Living Abroad

Study abroadGoing abroad for higher studies can be a thrilling as well as inspiring experience for students. Not only do you get an exposure of an entirely new country, but you also challenge yourself on an individual level grooming your skills of reliability, independence and confidence. However, one of the greatest concerns in a foreign country is your safety and security. We have assembled a mini guide for you to stay safe when traveling abroad. Pack your bags and get ready for a new experience in life.

Prior To Traveling Abroad

Safety measures begin right from your home. Before you embark on your personal adventure, you need to take precautions by adhering to a few safety procedures, which will eventually make things easier for you when you reach to your destination.

  • Take your physical and other necessary immunization shots.
  • Get your dental checkup, eye checkup and a routine checkup done.
  • If possible, take along with you a full year supply of prescribed medicines.
  • Read up information on the environment, rules and norms of your host country.

Learn About Your Host Country In General

If you are visiting a new country, try to read up on all of the political and cultural environments of that specific country. Find out how students from your home country are treated at the host country, and what you can do to make it better. In addition, try to find out the views and attitudes of the people in that host country regarding race, gender and sexuality, along with their reflection on the local law. This will also help you to make new friends from the host country. Remember, you have to respect every culture and religion.

After Arriving At the Campus

Just because you have rented the dorm out and have found yourself on the university campus does not mean you are completely safe. Familiarize yourself with your campus and the neighboring community during the day, and find out the places to avoid by night. Keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Take note of all the emergency numbers, and keep them with you.
  • Locate the nearest hospital, your hometown embassy and the police station just in case.
  • Never go out alone at night.Even if you go out with friends, try to avoid the shady places.
  • Never carry too much cash, jewelry or other valuables with you.
  • Travel in crowded public transports and never fall asleep while traveling.
  • Never leave your personal belongings unattended; try to keep them close within your reach.
  • When it comes to college assignments, never take assignment help from someone you don’t know. Only ask roommates or classmates for help.
  • Avoid unnecessary confrontations, attentions and arguments.

Blending In the Environment

When you move into an entirely new country, you have to understand that you are not a tourist, but a part of their culture.Therefore, try to act more like a local than a tourist. Learn about the factors that set the locals apart from the tourists and try to blend into the atmosphere. The key is look as accustomed to the culture as possible.The reason is that the tourists are mostly targeted for street crimes, and you do not want that happening to you.

Nevertheless, blending in definitely does not mean giving up on your daily activities. If there is an activity like swimming, hitting the gym or spending time in library that you love doing at your home country, you can also do the same at the host country. You need to read up on these activities and develop a clear plan on how to carry them out abroad.

Last but not the least, trust your heart.Pay close attention to what your heart and mind tells you about everything. Never doubt your intuitions- they are never wrong. Make your visit worthwhile and have a lot of fun!

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