Tips for Staying Healthy while Studying Aboard

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Studying aboard could be fun, exciting and crazy at the same time. So it can be tempting to forget about your routine healthy lifestyle.

When you study abroad, everything is new and you’ll need to adapt to a new lifestyle, but there’s no need to compromise on your health. The following are healthy tips to ensure that you stay healthy while studying aboard:

  1. Eat in the Campus Cafeteria often: Eating out comes with some challenges when living aboard especially when you are not familiar with their local style of preparing food.

Of course it is encouraged that you try out local food, but it is also important to eat right. It not only saves you money but it is healthier than eating out all the time.

Avoid ‘street food’.

Often on campus, especially in the US, there are usually healthy eating initiatives.  For instance, cafeterias in all states of the USA are required to have vegetarian options at every meal time. You can choose from those options.

Take advantage of the country’s fresh fruit, veggies, lean meat, low fat milk and a variety of others.

  1. Eat and Drink Modestly

Dieting maybe much harder, especially when you desire to try out all the delicious local food. Eating and drinking modestly will help you avoid becoming over-weight.

You don’t need to try out everything at a go. You still have a lot of opportuinity to do that as you stay. Try to avoid excessive intake of alcohol as alcohol contains much amount of sugar.

The bottom-line is: Eat anything and everything in moderation.

  1. Exercise Regularly:

Different lifestyles, different diet, and a change in biological cycle such as sleep, could cause you to gain weight. Thus, you need to have a good and consistent exercise routine to countercheck weight gain. Exercise helps you to stay mentally healthy throughout your study.

Exercise offers a lot of freedom so choose enjoyable activities such as biking, join dance classes, yoga, and jogging around the city (a good way to explore the city). Look out for a local gym close to where you are staying. Having a partner for this could make it more exciting.

  1. Keep a healthy Schedule:

Get enough sleep and endeavour to start your day with positive thoughts. Staying up all night to study, hanging out with friends and using the internet all through the night could affect your ability to concentrate during the day. Therefore ensure that you have a good sleeping routine.

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