Thinking of Studying MBA Abroad, Consider Australia, the Hub for Management Education

MBA1Australian B-schools have been recognized for the quality of education and excellent learning environment they offer. The article sheds light on MBA in Australia, how to apply for the available courses and the job trends post MBA. Read on to explore!

It has been a surprising journey for the MBA education in Australia, which was introduced some 50 years back and has now turned the country into an educational powerhouse. Even with the introduction of the first MBA program in Australia, it started being counted among the favorite destinations for the MBA aspirants globally.

The world class universities and the courses with over 100 different specializations have been luring the international students who are indeed spoilt of the options to choose from different types of specializations available. Some other reasons have been the quality of education offered, high-tech facilities available, student exposure, and the provision to work after education in Australia makes it a wonderful choice for MBA students from across the globe.

Why should you choose an MBA school in Australia for your MBA?

At present, no less than 35 universities in Australia offer finest MBA programs. Cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have been the hub for MBA education for the international students. Owing to the availability of internationally acclaimed MBA courses, higher standards of research and teaching, these places have always topped the chart among the students. Besides, tuition is also cheaper at certain colleges as compared to MBA programs in the USA and UK, so that’s definitely something you would like to consider while you review your options!

Applying To MBA Programs in Australia

MBA2If you are the one considering opting for MBA programs in Australia, then you must ask some of the questions to yourself before you apply for the course of your interest.

  • Do you want a general or a specialized MBA degree program?
  • Can you devote that much for time for your studies?
  • Can you afford the universities fees?
  • Do you wish to work in Australia after completion of the course?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you can start looking for the programs meeting your own set of requirements. However, many experts believe that the Australian MBA degree programs are different if compared to the courses offered by other nations. Here are some examples why they say this.

Australia’s top business schools require an excellent GPA, while you also need to perform well in the GMAT exam. A number of B-schools follow their own admission procedures to seek candidates. Other difference is their requirement for several years of experience at managerial levels, along with an impeccable record of academic success. Besides, a proof regarding your involvement in community service and your capability to demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills can do wonders for you.

Degree Structure

Students have the options to choose among a range of MBA programs including full-time MBA, part-time MBA, distance learning MBA, executive MBA, as well as on campus MBA. Generally, the entire MBA program is divided into three stages. The first stage involves completion of the first year of study, after which the students receive a Graduate Certificate in Management. After the candidate successfully completes two years of education, they are awarded with a Graduate Diploma in Management. Finally, after the completion of the third stage, the students are awarded with the MBA degree.

Top B-schools in Australia

  1. The University Of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School
  2. Monash University – Faculty of Business and Economics
  3. Australian School of Business (ASB), University of New South Wales
  4. The University of Sydney Business School
  5. The University Of Melbourne – Graduate School Of Business and Economics


The B-schools also offer scholarships for the deserving candidates, if you wish to have one, here are certain websites which can help you gain information in regards to scholarship:


Australia Post MBA Job Trends

There has been a consistent growth in the Australian economy past 20 years and is expected to attain a growth rate of 5.1% by 2015. The country’s economy remained unaffected by the global economic slowdown, and the GDP is speculated to reach $1.122 trillion by the same year. The economy is globalized and diversified, thanks to the services and manufacturing sectors. Blessed with abundant natural resources and the scenic locations, the economy of Australia is expected to boost further. Post MBA, the students have the widest range of options to enter the world of employment, preferably in the highly paying industries like Consulting, Finance, IT & Telecom, among others.

KaranAuthor Bio: Rashmi Karan has been writing professionally since 2010, most recently publishing for various websites on topics like employment and education. She helps students to come forefront and learn more about how they can pursue MBA in Australia and other countries.


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    1. Hi Dennis, with this grade you will need to sit for GMAT to boost your chances of getting the admission. Please contact the schools in Australia for more admission requirements

    2. Hi Dennis, with this grade you will need to apply with GMAT to boost your chances of getting the admission. Please contact the schools in Australia for more admission requirements

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