The Certification Process to Become Medical Assistant

It is evident that the medical field has been growing,has grown, and is still expected to grow over the coming years. This means that opportunities are going to arise in different branches of the medical field. Thus,there are numerous positions available in the medical profession. One of the most important things required before you enter into the medical field is a medical assistant degree. Working as a medical assistant will let you take advantage of a medical career. For those who don’t like being in school forever, it’s like one of the quickest and easiest degrees to earn. There are a couple of things to take note of concerning not only the time required to earn a medical assisting degree, but the job in itself.

  1. The time for the certification process to become a medical assistant depends on where you live and what you hope to achieve in your career in the medical field. In many cases you can get a basic medical assisting degree in as short as nine months, while some locations will have a one-year program and others a two-year program in place.The nine-month program will only teach you the basics of being a medical assistant including medical coding, patient relations, keyboarding, medical terminology, and other studies. You can do well with that but it’s always better to aim higher. Go for longer programs because they will give you more training and could lead to better job opportunities with a higher pay but then again, it’s all about what you want to achieve.


  1. A career in the medical field is all about climbing the ladder, therefore, most medical assistants will be working on the administrative side of the medical field. While some basic medical procedures such as taking vital signs, or administering injections may be needed, you’ll be mostly handling clerical and administrative tasks within the facility. The main reason as to why most people go for this is because the time for the certification process to become a medical assistant is less compared to other medical degrees. It doesn’t matter whether you complete the basic nine-month program or the two-year program, you’ll be able to work in a variety of locations either way including hospitals, nursing homes, even the doctors’ offices.


  1. You can also take certification courses to become certified in your field after your graduating with a medical assistant degree. This is advisable because those who hold certification are almost always preferred over those who don’t, though not by most employers. So, going through these programs is really worth the amount of time set for their completion.


  1. How does one begin pursuing a career in the medical field? There are institutions out there that act as stepping stones into the field. They include Community colleges, vocational schools, and technical institutes. Once you’ve graduated from these institutions,the school, in many cases, will assist you in finding a job or some sort of internship. A lot of medical assisting professionals have landed good jobs before they even finish their program because of these internships.


  1. Let’s go a little deeper into the medical assistant career. How much is one expected to earn for the work done? The pay ranges averagely from between eleven and nineteen dollars an hour depending on the location, experience, education, and job duties. From research, this is much more than what a certified nursing assistant makes. And guess what, it comes with easier work duties. If you were wondering why medical assisting is growing, the answer is right there. The other reason for its popularity is that a lot of people choose to enter the medical field as a medical assistant due to the time with which the certification process to become a medical assistant takes.

In conclusion, in just nine months, you can have a degree in your hand and dive into your journey in the medical field. Keep in mind that a little bit of extra education and certification can give you an even stronger edge when it comes to opportunities.

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