Study in Vienna, Austria: Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Study in Austria2Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria and among the nine
states. Once the largest German speaking city in the world. If you ask
what thrilled me the most about studying in Vienna, I will say is
because of their power packed culture. Maybe am exaggerating here.

My first time in Vienna wasn’t dull really because I took a trip a day
after my arrival. Vienna state opera have been one of my dream places to behold. Probably because of my passion for music and the fee was
just so little compared to what i got in return.

Being a kitchen geek, I saw another door of opportunity open before me the moment i got served with new foods and recipes in a friend’s
birthday party. I never wasted time to ask about the procedures used
to arrive at it’s current state. At least, to have another recipe to
boost of back home.

Tuition fee
studying in Vienna is an appealing quest indeed but its tuition fee
differ from one institution to the other. That being handled, I was
trying to run a check on every institution in Vienna and their tuition
fee to be able to arrive at an average to help give you an idea and
gladly, my adventure wasn’t in vain. The tuition fees charged by universities in Vienna range from 1500 Euro to 3000 Euro per year.

The total  sum of fees might increase annually based in inflation and
cost of living. Text books are also included in the tuition fee.

Frankly speaking, the tuition fees of institutions in Vienna are quite
reasonable with only a little difference when comparing two
institutions. Though it lies mainly on your type of program cause
that’s the major dependent factor of your tuition fee.

Cost of living
Vienna is one of the stable cities in Austria with a low cost of
living. That’s probably one of the reasons why immigrants prefer Vienna to any other cities. The cost of living in Vienna for students is estimated at 500 Euro to 800 Euro per month to cover the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, books etc. Find the breakdown below:

• Basic lunchtime meal in a business district

• Combo meal in fast food restaurant

• 500gr (1ib) of boneless chicken breast

• 1 dozen of egg

• 1 bottle of red wine

• Monthly rent for m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive areas
€1.398 while is €1.019 in normal area.

• Internet 8MB (1 month)

The minute I checked those current state of Vienna cost of living, I
was dwelling in unbelive. Not until I start jumping from one web page to another and yet, the figures were the same. You need a place to study and still not rob the bank? Ladies and Gents, I present to you

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