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The UK welcomes over 40,000 international students from 200 different countries, providing a vibrant and cost effective environment in which to live and study, if you make up your mind to study in the UK, you will gain world class qualifications and experience you will never forget in your life



  1. 1.     Work Opportunities: Students studying in the UK are usually allowed to work part-time for some hours to support their education. Most student put up 20hours a week during school term and up to full time during vacations.


  1. 2.     Worldwide Recognition: UK degrees and certificate are respected globally as high quality and world class.


  1. 3.     Education Cost: the cost of studying in the UK is low compared to the US and Australia. Tuition for schools in the UK ranges from 7,000 to 15,000, whereas in the US and Australia, charge up to 25,000 per academic year.



There are two ways of applying for study in the UK. If your application is for undergraduate study, then it must pass through the UCAS, a body set up by the UK Education authority to handle all undergraduate study application into the UK Universities. UCAS will charge about 10GBP to 15GBP for the services.

Another method of application is the on-line and is strictly for postgraduate study applications. All you need to do is log into the web portal of your chosen school, apply on line, upload necessary supporting documents and if the school accepts your application, an offer of acceptance will be sent to you 3-4 weeks after your application.



For undergraduate study, you will be expected to have the following documents; O’level result, International passport and a financial proof that you have sufficient funds to support your education in the UK.


Postgraduate study requirements include the following; Degree result and transcripts with a minimum of second class honors, a statement of purpose describing your study plan and ambition, two reference letters usually from university lecturers and English language proficiency result (toefl and Ielts). If you have all these available, then you can start your application online.



I have compiled a list of ten reputable universities in the UK and their websites just to make application easy for you.


Find below a list of ten universities in UK

  1. University of Cardiff                    –
  2. University of Brighton               –
  3. University of Glasgow                –
  4. University of Cranfield              –
  5. University of Exeter                   –
  6. University of Cambridge          –
  7. Aston University                        –
  8. University of Kent                     –
  9. University of Oxford                –

10. University of Southampton       –





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