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Study in Southern Polytechnic State University-Marietta, USA

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Southern Polytechnic State University is located in Marietta, Georgia. It was established in 1948 as one of the institutions dedicated solely to the technical arts and applied sciences in Georgia. As at 2015, the university had been merged with Kennesaw State to form Southern Polytechnic College of Engineering and Engineering Technology to save money for the State of Georgia. The merger was met with much disdain and controversy, the student body refused the merger blatantly. Southern Polytechnic State University is one of the smaller universities in the United States with a total student body of 6,238 which comprised 5,410 undergraduates and 802 postgraduates as at 2015. The university campus is located on 230 acres of land in Marietta, its colors are green and white. The university is also called SPSU. Marietta is one of Georgia’s biggest suburbs and its population is 56,579.

SPSU is Georgia’s own University of Technology and is aimed at providing applied technological skills and innovation to solve real world problems. The University is one of the Polytechnics in USA.

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Academics programs

Undergraduate programs

Being a Polytechnic,the Southern Polytechnic State University offers a lot of degree programs. Some of the programs are online but others require the student to be available in person. The school’s colleges are

  1. School of Architecture and Construction management.
  2. School of Arts and Sciences
  3. School of Computing and Software Engineering
  4. School of Engineering Technology and Management.
  5. School of Engineering.

Some of the more popular undergraduate programs are Architecture, Computer science, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Technology. With the broad range of programs being offered by the Polytechnic, students of different interests and ideologies can further their education in SPSU.

Graduate programs

The SPSU offers eleven graduate programs which are subdivided into Normal programs and Advanced programs. The programs are:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Information and Instruction Design
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

Generally, doctoral and Master’s programmes are more than regular programs but due to the size of the university, more graduate programs are not taken.

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SPSU is ranked by niche rankings as 231st out of 1,586 of Best Value Colleges in the United States. It is also ranked as 233rd of 639 in the top public universities in America. According to the Times Higher Education ranking, SPSU is not in the top 800 ranking in the US. Most of the rankings  for SPSU are outdated because of the merger, but these rankings were valid when SPSU was still a stand alone university.

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American students

Applications for SPSU Georgia begins on November 3rd yearly and ends on March 30th of the following year. The requirements for an American student to study at SPSU Georgia are pretty much the same as most other American university. Below are the requirements

  1. The undergraduate student will need a completed application
  2. High school transcript
  3. SAT-1 or ACT scores
  4. Essay of at least 500 words
  5. Application fee of $40 that will be paid by debit or credit card

International students

For prospective international students and non-native English speakers, the admission requirements are a bit different. The materials needed for admission consideration are:

  1. A completed SPSU Georgia admission application (Online)
  2. Application fee of $100
  3. Official secondary school record, school leaving certificate with generally accepted graduation examination results.
  4. An academic recommendation letter froma  teacher and/or counsellor in the school.
  5. Essay
  6. SAT-I/ACT scores
  7. Non-native speakers of English will be required to prove English language proficiency by submitting either TOEFL or IELTS scores.
  8. F-1 student visa

Graduate Admission

Graduate studies comprise of postgraduate diplomas, Master’s, doctorates, research fellowships and some other certifications. For those seeking any form of graduate studies in SPSU Georgia, the requirements are uniform across board and they are listed below:

  1. Official transcript from the university of graduation
  2. Test scores that are applicable to the admission requirements
  3. Letters of recommendation
  4. A written statement of purpose
  5. An application fee which is non-refundable
  6. All the stipulated requirements that are specific to the program.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition fees for SPSU is mainly differentiated between residents and non-residents.

In SPSU, tuition is done on a credit hour basis. This implies that the more credit hours your course requires the more you pay, but on an average the breakdown of tuition is listed as follows.

Georgia residents

Tuition: $4,417

Books and supplies $1,700

Other fees: $1,422

Room and board: $8,390

Other Expenses budget: Nil

Total $15,929

Non-Georgian residents

Tuition: $15,722

Books and supplies $1,700

Other fees: $1,422

Room and board: $8,390

Other Expenses budget: Nil

Total $27,234

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Cost of living in Georgia


As a student, there might be no need to buy a house, so renting will be the next option. The cost of renting a decent apartment in Georgia, like a one bedroom apartment is $908. On an average, the cost of accommodation in Georgia is from $908 to $1,176. Statistics show that rent in Georgia is among the most affordable in the United States. Some other options like squatting, general dormitories and family houses can be exploited to save cost.


Utility bills are bills like electricity, gas, heating, water, garbage etc. Georgia has rather expensive utility bills which is above the nation-wide average by about %17.5. Utilities bill should cost $134.4 a month.


Food and groceries in Georgia hover above the national average at about $300 a month. The food situation in Georgia is not particularly special but the state has a food insecurity rateof 18.7%.


Georgia is a driving state but Marietta is not notorious. Marietta residents face an average commuting distance of metro areas. The Brookings Institution studied for its recent report on the rate Americans’ commute to work shows that Marietta residents commute an average of 11.8 miles just to get from home to work and vice versa, with an average commute time of 20 minutes.

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