Study in Poland – Tuition fees, Cost of living, Admission requirements and List of top Universities


study in Poland2The educational system in Poland is one of the best in Europe. This can be seen or proven by proven by the success of Polish professionals working all over the world, acclaimed as perfectly educated, creative and effective. Studying in Poland is quite cheap and affordable compared to the other European countries much less than in most European countries. Cost of living too is low as a student can survive on 250 Euro per month. There are a lot of study programs in English language available to international students who cannot speak Polish. However, if you are an international student and wish to study in Polish language, you will have to do a Polish course before you start studying. Courses are organized at several Polish universities. Poland is a very safe country with low criminal rate. In fact, according to statistics, it’s one of the safest countries within the European Union. Nevertheless, precautionary behavior is necessary, as anywhere in the world.

Cost of studying

The cost of studying in Poland is quite low and affordable. Tuition fees in Public universities ranges from 2000 to 4000 Euro per year for international students who wish to study in English language. Universities in Poland offer study programs in fields of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Sciences, Humanities, Social sciences etc. A tuition fee for medicine is usually high and range from 8000 to 12000 Euro per year.

Cost of living

Cost of living in Poland is low depending on your lifestyle and the city you pursue your studies. Bigger cities like Warsaw, Wroclaw etc are usually expensive. A budget of 250 Euro to 400 Euro should be enough to take care of a student’s feeding, accommodation, buying of books, etc for one month. This amount is just an estimate and could be higher or lower depending on factors like your spending habits and the city of your residence.

Admission requirement for study in Poland

Admission requirements for studying in Poland vary from one university to another. But, in general international applicants seeking admission to the universities of Poland must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law and the University’s regulations.

Meeting the standard of qualifications is normally required to be admitted to universities of Poland. The candidate’s qualification must be analogous to the Polish certificates (certificate of secondary education, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees).
In order to get admission into a Polish university a student must submit an application for enrolment, an application form which could be downloaded from the university’s website, CV, a completed questionnaire, a medical certificate confirming the applicant’s physical condition is adequate for studying in a given major, proofs of completion of a preparatory course as designated by the Ministry of Education or confirmation from course provider or the university that the applicant’s background and Polish language ability are sufficient to study in Poland.

How to apply

There are basically two ways of applying for admission into Polish universities. You can choose to apply online by visiting the university’s website, locate the online application form, fill in every detail and submit to the school. Or you could choose to employ the services of an agent. If you are using an agent, make sure you are dealing with a registered agent and not one that will run away with your money.

List of universities in Poland

  • Academy of Economics in Cracow
  • Academy of Economics in Katowice
  • Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
  • Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan
  • Agricultural University Of Cracow
  • American Academy of English
  • Catholic University of Lublin
  • College of Science, Warsaw
  • European Academy of Arts
  • Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk
  • Gdansk Medical Academy
  • Gdansk Technical Academy
  • Jagiellonian University, Cracow
  • Katowice School of Economics
  • Kozminski University
  • Lodz Technical University
  • Medical Academy in Gdansk
  • Medical Academy in Lodz
  • Medical Academy in Wroclaw
  • Music Academy Cracow
  • Polish Open University in Warsaw
  • Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
  • Poznan School of Banking
  • School of Banking and Management in Cracow
  • Silesian Academy of Medicine in Katowice
  • Silesian Technical University of Gilwice
  • Technical University of Cracow
  • Technical University of Lodz
  • Technical University of Lublin
  • Technical University of Poznan
  • Technical University of Warsaw
  • University of Gdansk
  • University of Management and Marketing
  • University of Opole
  • University of Silesia
  • University of Warsaw
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Warsaw university of Technology





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