Study in Poland; low tuition fees, english courses and how to apply


Polish educational system provides the highest quality of educational services. That is proven by the success of Polish professionals working all over the world, acclaimed as perfectly educated, creative and effective. Studies in Poland cost much less than in most european countries and cost of living is much lower. There are English courses available for international students, so you don’t have to speak Polish. If you prefer to study in Polish you will have to do a Polish course before you start studying. Courses are organized at several Polish universities. Poland is a safe country. According to statistics, it’s one of the safest within the EU. Nevertheless, precautious behavior is necessary, as anywhere in the world.

Cost of study and living in Poland

The minimal tuition fee is 2000 euros a year. Although, universities may set higher amount for particular courses, the candidate should verify the cost of studying in a university.The living expenses in Poland are much lower than in most EU countries. The amount of 200-400 Euros should cover the monthly costs of accommodation, food and transport. Moreover  EU/EEA students are allowed to work full time without any permission.Citizens from Belarus, Russia or Ukraine  are allowed to work for a period of three months and not exceeding the period of six months. All other nationals may work without permission in July, August and September.

Admission requirement for study in Poland

Admission requirements for Poland may vary from one university to another. But, in general foreign applicants seeking admission to the universities of Poland must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law and the University’s regulations. Meeting the standard of qualifications is normally required to be admitted to universities of Poland. The candidate’s qualification must be analogous to the Polish certificates (certificate of secondary education, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees).
For getting admitted in Polish universities a student must submit an application for enrolment, an application form including curriculum vitae and a completed questionnaire, a medical certificate confirming the applicant’s physical condition is adequate for studying in a given major, proofs of completion of a preparatory course as designated by the Ministry of Education or confirmation from course provider or the university that the applicant’s background and Polish language ability are sufficient to study in Poland.

How to apply

We can assist you get admission into top universities in Poland and you may chose to study in English or Polish language. Click here to learn more:

Top universities in Poland

  • University of Warwaw
  • Polish Open University
  • University of Zielona Gora
  • Adam Mickiewicz university


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  1. my sister has just completed BA in English. she want to get admitted in MA in a polish varsity. can you tell me what the upcoming intake is and what is the deadline? which university is the most affordable? what initial budget is required for her? and how can I pay your service charge?

    1. my sister has just completed BA in English. she want to get admitted in MA in a polish varsity. can you tell me what the upcoming intake is and what is the deadline? which university is the most affordable? what initial budget is required for her? and how she can pay your service charge?

    2. Hi Ovilush, Polish universities admit two times a year. For the winter semester which starts by October, the application for admission starts in April and end in June. And for the summer semester which starts by March, application for admission begins in September and end in December. The tuition fees in Polish schools are low and affordable within the range of 2000 Euro to 4000 Euro per year for programs taught in English language. You can pay my service charge via paypal using this email: Once I receive your documents and application fee, I will start working on your application.

  2. I want to study in Finland in undergraduate programs in English. I am a student of Bangladesh. what’s the requirements I need.

  3. please admin, i am interested studying in poland. please which university cost cheaper. my course is ECONOMICS. and like how much would everytin cost me? (all expenses including flight, accommodation) tnx

  4. Hello,my name is omgbo rawings chemuka from cameroon i like to study in poland what are the requirement i can put in place? I want to do my degree program.thank much while waiting for your reply am an ELECTRICAL STUDENT.chemuka

  5. Hello. my name is Noel i studied Industrial Chemistry in my first degree and i want to pursue a master program in any low tuition fee university in poland, please i am a self funding student.Any help ?

    1. Good job with the article! 🙂

      If you have any questions about Polish universities and no one wants to answer you, feel free to contact me on this website: . I try to make Polish expats’ life easier, so I help students to study and work in Poland as well.

  6. Hello my name is Benjamin, am interested in persuing my post Bsc Nursing in Poland with low tuition fee. How can you help me with the application.

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