Study in Italy


Italy is a nice place to study and that is why a lot of students are willing to go there for studies. Italy offers a lot more than just academic benefits, Rome is considered the spiritual city as it is the home of the pope.

Enrolling to study in Italy opens an individual to the diversity of the country which consists of its history, culture, fashion and art. The people are warm and friendly and there a lot of activities to take part in and tourist attractions.

Italian Universities are recognized for their quality courses in fields such as humanities, political and international studies, hotel management and catering, social sciences among others.


Higher institutions determine their tuition fees but for universities there is a minimum legal fee which should not be more than 20% of government funding.

The university or course chosen determines the fee paid but students usually pay between 850-1000 Euros per annum.

Private universities and specialized courses are more expensive and are also dependant on the course and university chosen.


For bachelors, masters, PhD programs, MBA and engineering courses.

Undergraduate studies

Should have completed senior secondary school in one of the countries that have signed the Lisbon convention agreement

Should have a valid school leaving certificate

Should be eligible for higher studies in your home country

Should show fluency in Italian

Master studies

Should have a bachelors degree or its equivalent

PhD studies

Should have a recognized Masters degree




Application procedures depend on if you are an EU or non EU student

Undergraduate studies

If you are not an EU student, do the following:

Search for your preferred study program

Get in touch with your chosen university to know if you are eligible and submit the required documents

Once you have been told by your chosen Institution that you might be eligible you have to submit a pre-application form with other relevant forms to the Italian embassy in your country

School leaving certificate and other results which should be translated in Italian

Two passport photographs with one signed by you

When you have submitted, at the end of August admitted candidates names will be revealed.

Graduate studies

Should follow the same steps above if you are a non EU student but must submit a valid university certificate for higher studies and fill the relevant form to receive a Letter of Academic Eligibility and suitability.




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