Study Free in Germany – Admission Requirement, Cost of Living and How to Apply for Visa


study in Germany2Germany offers a great opportunity of good quality education. Apart from the good education, Universities in Germany offer tuition free education. Also cost of living is not that high, with an amount of about 600 Euros a student can cover expenses such as accommodation, feeding, travel, books e.t.c

Courses such as Medicine, Law, Humanities, Engineering and other courses are been offered at about 300 Universities in Germany. Most courses are taught in German with a few taught in English.



English/German language proficiency result

Birth certificate

Medical certificate showing how healthy an applicant is

O level results and transcripts showing grades

A valid international passport


English/German language proficiency result

Birth certificate

Medical certificate showing how healthy an applicant is

A valid international passport

Result of degree

Transcript that shows all courses taken by the student with their grades as well as a degree result

Should provide two reference letters

Statement of purpose and or research work



Once a University with the preferred course has been found through searching the internet an application can be done. German Universities receive both paper based and online applications, although Universities most times prefer online applications as it is a much easier way to apply and receive documents. The online application includes opening an account on the website of the University and filling the forms and submitting. Paper applications involve making photocopies and notarize all documents and send them along with the downloaded application forms to the admission office.


One important aspect in schooling abroad is the student visa. The school will provide an invitation letter after applying which will be needed when applying for a student visa. The applicant will go to the embassy in their home country with documents such as results, health insurance, passport photographs, International passport and others. When this is done the applicant will be told when to come for an interview.

It is important to note that applicants will have to open a German block account of 7000 Euros before the visa can be obtained. Applicants should not be bothered as the embassy will guide them on the procedure in doing it.


  • Fachhoschule Konstanz
  • Frankfurt University
  • Free university of Berlin
  • University of Hamburg
  • Hamburg Media School
  • Homboldt-university, Berlin
  • International University, Bremen
  • International University in Germany
  • University of Augsburg
  • University of Bamberg
  • University of Dortmund
  • University of Flensburg
  • Aachen University of Technology
  • Dortmund University
  • Duisburg Technical University
  • European Mnagement School Mainz
  • Fachhoschule Erfurt
  • Fachhoschule Furtwangen
  • Fachhoschule Hannover
  • Fachhoschule Jena
  • Fachhoschule Koblenz





  1. My son wants to send his application to a German university now to allow enough time for the administrative procedure and visa processing, but he can only send a copy of his secondary school diploma and accompanying scripts in the last week of June, that is, after taking the national baccalaureate exams.
    So, we are wondering if he could send his application now, then forward the remaining documents later, in the last week of June.

    Best regards

    Nedra Cherif

    1. Hi Nedra, schools in Germany have different deadlines for receiving application documents. So I will advice your son contacts the school and find out the deadline for submission of admission application and documents.

  2. dear Admin, please can you suggest any bachelor degree, management course, taught in English? Finland, Austria, Germany, Norway. any tuition free uni. Thanks

      1. Hi Admin,

        Are there any FREE universities in Germany? Iam dying to learn German Language. Thought It’d be better to learn it from natives… Please can any 1 help me!

  3. dear Admin, please can you suggest any bachelor degree, management courses, taught in English? Finland, Austria, Germany, Norway. just any tuition free uni. Thanks

  4. I would love to apply for medicine in germany,but I dont know which university. In english, can you maybr advise on which university I can apply to. With all the admission requirements and the costs.thank you

  5. Please I am Ghanaian graduate and want to pursue my masters in Germany. Do I need to write TOEFL before applying as undergraduate program was taught entirely in English.

    1. Hi McDiaham, since you want to study in English language, you will need to show your proficiency in the use of the language. You can sit for TOEFL or IELTS. German universities accept the two.

  6. Hey admin, Alaba Damilola Michael from Nigeria, pls when processing the visa, does it requires me to have about 7000EURO?? Cuz i came from a poor family. Am an orphan

    1. Hi Alaba, yes it’s a visa requirement for study in Germany. The embassy willneed to see that you have enough money to cover your living expenses for at least a period of 1 year. The amount is put at 8000 EURO.

  7. I need to join ph.d law or ph.d management in Germany without tuition fees.but I will afford my Living expenses. Please list me the german universities.

  8. hello,i m a Cameroonian and i would like to know the various free tuition universities in Germany for me to study nursing in English. Thanks

  9. Hi admin
    I’m a Nigerian and l would like study for first degree in Germany for a science applied course. So which university can u advise.

  10. I’m sunkanmi from Nigeria… Please is there any university in Germany with free tuition fee and I heard you said an applicants should have 8000euro. Please I don’t have that kind of money and I really wanna study in Germany

  11. Am Becky, I av 3rd class in French education in a Nigeria university. I wish to do my masters in French or do nursing. I need you to suggest for me a university in Germany where I can be offered scholarship and the requirements. Tnks.

  12. Dear sir, I am Gabriel from Ghana, please I want to study in any tuition free university in Finland in Bachelor of Science in English

  13. hello, admin
    I want to study pharmacy or nursing in English but I don’t know any university that is offering free tuition fee and I want to start studying this September 2017.plz help thanks.

  14. Hello Admin, can you please help with tuition free universities in Germany or Finland that offer a postgraduate degree course in education taught in English? I’m presently an English language teacher in Saudi Arabia. I want to go for the said course next academic year (2018 – 2019). Thanks

  15. dear admin
    i would like to know how many o level and as level is required so that i can get accepted by free university of berlin or any other university in germany,,,
    can you tell me what is required to study medicine

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