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study in EuropePeople are always interested in studying abroad, but due to financial constraints can not achieve their aim. But such people do not know that they can still study abroad despite their financial constraints. There are many universities that individuals can apply for scholarship, that tuition fees are free and have tuition fees that are low. We shall take a look at some Countries in Europe such as Belgium, Russia and Georgia where tuition fees are low and moderate for international students.


Georgia is a Transcontinental Country located between Europe and Asia. It shares its borders with Turkey and Armenia located in the south and the black sea by the west.


Tuition fees are quite affordable in Georgia. The cost of fees in Georgian universities differ depending on course of study as well the particular university chosen. An estimate $ 2500- $3000 can be spent on undergraduate programs while a postgraduate course could cost about $4000.


Living in Georgia is not that expensive. An individual can take care of feeding, transport, accommodation, utilities and travel among others with $300- $500.


Belgium is a good place to live and study as the quality of life is high. Cities such as Bruges, Gent, Antwerp, Liege and Namar have a rich culture and tradition that can be enjoyed by international students. The Country has a very good health and education system.


Tuition fees in Belgium ranks among the least in Europe. It costs about 500- 1500 Euros per academic year.


Living in Belgium is more expensive when compared to other European Countries. To cover costs of feeding , transport, health care, accommodation, phone bills could cost about 800 Euros.

Here are some of the best universities in Belgium

The Open University, Boston University, University of Antwerp, University of Kent and Brussels schools of International studies.


For students who choose to study in Russia, they will have the chance of experiencing the rich culture of Russia. Also all students are expected to learn the Russian language before they commence their studies, this gives them an opportunity to learn another language.


Tuition fees are not that expensive. Students in the fields of architecture, medicine and engineering can pay about $3500-$ 5000. Other courses for a start could cost between $1500-$3000. It is important to note that international students will be trained to learn Russian language that could last for one year and will cost about $1500.


Living in Russia is not too expensive as it is among the lowest in Europe. Costs such as accommodation, feeding, transportation among others could cost about $500.

Here are some of the best universities in Russia

Tomsk State University, Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Moscow state Institute of International Relationships.




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