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study in EstoniaEstonia is a beautiful country and a nice place to study. Estonia is located in North Eastern Europe by the Baltic Sea. Apart from its great scenery, Estonia is a growing economy with industrialization setting in.

Estonia regained independence on august 20 1991, this came after they had been ruled by Denmark, Russia, Germany and Sweden. Since then a lot of transformation has occurred in the economy with a lot of reforms taking place, which has lead to Estonia becoming one of the countries with a high growth rate and recognized for its innovation and modern technologies.

Estonia is a country rich in history and culture and adapts well to the introduction of new and modern culture.


The cost of tuition fees depends on the institution that has been chosen as well as the course of study. Normally tuition fees vary between 1023-7350 Euros per academic year.

Some courses are more expensive than others, these courses include Business administration, law, medicine and social science courses. Also some institutions charge different tuition fees for students from European Union and students from outside the European Union.

In the case of exchange students they are given a small grant if it is stated in the agreement as they do not have to pay tuition fees.

Note: Tuition fees are altered sometimes, so students should take out time to get in touch with the institution they have chosen to get the correct information concerning the tuition fees.


Undergraduate requirements

Should have completed secondary school education

Should be eligible for higher education in their home country

There may be other requirements needed to obtain admission

Graduate requirements

For those interested in enrolling for a masters program, they should have obtained a bachelor’s degree

For those interested in enrolling for a PhD program, they should have obtained a masters degree


The government of Estonia offers scholarships to students. Most of the scholarships are for master degrees and PhD courses but some are available for bachelor degree courses. These scholarships are meant for students of universities, lecturers and researchers for studying and conducting research at public universities and institutions.

PhD Studies and Internationalization Programme known as “DoRa” are meant for Master’s students, PhD students and members of teaching staff who are already working or studying at Estonian higher education institutions, or are planning to do so.


For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476



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