Study in Denmark – Tuition fees, Cost of living and List of Top Universities

study in Denmark2Denmark has been known for its great quality education, especially in the aspect of researching in areas like environmental science, biotechnology and food. Denmark’s higher education institutions are open to teachers, international researchers and students and they provide research opportunities and great quality education.

Denmark located in central Europe is the oldest monarchy in the world but is still a country that can be considered modern. Its location makes it easy to take trips across Europe using the Euro rail. Moving around Denmark is quite cheap, security is good and people are nice and cheerful. Denmark also provides free education, social security and universal health care for its citizens.

There are other reasons that make Denmark a great place to study. They include

Exchange programs

An opportunity to be provided financial support

Vocational training

Degrees and programme are known internationally

Numerous educational opportunities

Summer schools and short term programmes


To cover such costs as feeding, accommodation, travel among others, a student may need about 800 Euros monthly.


EU/EEA do not pay tuition fees as well as students who are involved in exchange programmes. Other students will have to pay tuition fee. Tuition fees yearly for a full time degree is between 6000-16000 Euros.



Candidate must have obtained a qualification that is equivalent to a Danish qualifying examination

Show evidence of good English as this is required by all programs in Denmark.

For admission to programs in Danish, candidates will need to take the Danish test 2 or the study test of Danish as a foreign student as evidence to show they are good in Danish. There are some programmes that require candidates to have passed Danish 3 test.

It is important to note that some study programmes may need other requirements such as practical work experience, previous studies of a particular subject area or areas.


Should show evidence of good quality English

A well known bachelor’s degree of high standard or its equivalent

If the programme is taught in Danish, candidate should show evidence of good quality Danish


Master degree or equivalent to a Danish two year master degree programme

For those who have obtained a bachelor qualification and have studied for one year at post graduate level are offered a four year PhD programme in some fields.

It is important to note that every institution has its own requirements so further information should be obtained at the institution. The Danish Agency for International Education can also provide information on higher institutions admission requirements.



Application procedures and deadline are different between institutions and level of programme

Here are some of the best universities in Denmark

  • University college Sealand,
  • Metropolitan university college,
  • Aarhus school of engineering,
  • University college Northern Denmark and
  • University college Lillebaelt.


For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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