Study in Canada – Tuition Fees, Living Cost and How to Apply for Admission


study in Canada2Canada offers high quality education and is recognized all over the world by various individuals, students, organizations, academic institutions and governments. Institutions in Canada offer a lot of courses and are also known for their research techniques and teaching culture.

Studying in Canada offers international students the opportunity to enroll for degree programs that are not rigid and a chance to meet some of the best professors as well as take part in research that make up a third of Canada’s project which is the most part among G8 countries.

Colleges in Canada offer only bachelor’s degree courses to students while Canadian universities offer bachelor, masters and PhD degree courses.


Tuition fees are between $5000- $18000, which depends on the choice of institution. The fees are paid on the day of registration in most of the institutions. The tuition fees are meant for an academic year comprising two semesters which is usually about eight months.

Immigration authorities as well as the school you have chosen will require you provide evidence that you can afford the tuition fees. Most times immigration will require that about $10000 is in your account (excluding tuition fees) to show you can cope with your living costs for the year.


Cost of living depends on the type of life you live and where you stay. Large cities like Montreal and Vancouver tend to be more costly. Cost of living should include expenses such as accommodation, feeding, clothing, transport, social activities, utility bills and health insurance.

Requirements for healthcare for international students are different in various cities. It is important that students prepare their healthcare insurance before they arrive in Canada. This may be a private health care plan or your institutions plan.


In Canada all institutions have their own set of requirements. Students in order to be sure they meet such requirements can use the services of evaluation agencies that are recognized by the institutions.



Most applications are done online after the applicant would have requested for an application form from the institution. Students are advised to apply about a year and half before dates of admission.

When applying applicants should provide the following

Secondary results and transcripts

For applicants from non English speaking countries should show proof of fluency in English by providing results of IELTS, TOEFL, CANTEST or CAEL test.

Two letters of recommendation from two teachers who have taught you and know you very well

An essay stating why you chose Canada and what you hope to achieve with your studies.






  1. My son wants to study Mechanical Engineering in Canada. He is to write his secondary school final year exam by April to June 2015. Also will be sitting for IELTS , TOEFL and SAT. He made an attemppt in the last year Oct./Nov 2014 GCE of which he had, Economics B3, English Language C5, Mathematics C6, Further Mathematics C5, Biology C6, Chemistry D7, Physics D7 and Technical Drawing C5. Please kindly advise list of schools up to 5 we can choose stating Tuition Fees from lowest.

  2. I want to apply for an admission to study mechanical engineering in canada.i did my waec last year with these grades.english c4 mathematics b3.biology b3.chemistry b3.physics c4.agricultural science b2. trade.b3.ICT A1

  3. I want to apply for business administration in canada, i am a national diploma holder and i have my waec result.
    i will like to school in canada because of the standard of the country in business sector.

  4. Please iwill like to study economics and international relation, I need the list of schools starting from the lowest

  5. Hello sir how are you? Your country my dream in life of part so please need your help

  6. I want to do my msc human resource management in CAnada. Can I know the process please. And also list of universities starting from the cheApest. And also what I need to do first to start the process

  7. I want to do my Msc in Human Resources in canada. Kindly provide a list of the cheapest Canadian Universities offering this courses and the application processes.

  8. I want to do my Pg.d in Mechanical Engineering in Canada.Kindly provide two schools with low tuition fees and their application processes.

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