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Study in Canadian low tuition universities

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Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that you’ll be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit your career over the long term. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Commonwealth countries.

The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world, but the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, Canada is often the preferred choice for students attending college or university.


The tuition for one academic year ranges from $5000 to 18,000 USD and is usually paid on registration day. You will need to budget for living costs, rent, travel, books, food healthcare and other expenses.

You should have sufficient funds on ground as the Canadian immigration bodies will need proof that you have enough funds to cover the cost of your tuition fees and living costs, usually a minimum of $10,000 in your account to cover living cost for the year.


The cost of living in Canada varies and depends on student’s lifestyle and the location you choose because certain areas are very expensive. These tend to be in larger cities and urban areas such as Montreal and Vancouver.

Cost of living in Canada is estimated at $700 – $800 per month and the amount covers the cost of food, accommodation, health and other expenses apart from tuition.


Students who cannot pay their tuition in Canada can apply for funding/scholarship. You can apply for funding immediately after you receive offer of acceptance from the university. Remember that these offer are limited and competitive, so you have to send your application early to stand a chance of getting an award..



Most universities in Canada accept online application, it is important you visit the school you may wish to study to find out more about application for study. I have decided to post list of some of the top universities in Canada to assist you in your application.


  • Brandon University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Fraser International College
  • Athabasca University
  • University of  Toronto Mineral Resource and civil engineering
  • University of Western Ontario
  • Ryerson university
  • CapeBreton University
  • Dalhousie university
  • York university
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Alberta
  • Saskatchewan University

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  1. wunmiwest

    good day sir, i saw a great job of yours here,am happy i got a lot info on your bloggs , I will to get some good and cheap universities in Canad that offer medicine. and what is max age to apply for undergraduate in Canada.
    Thanks and Godbless

    1. Admin

      Hi Wunmiwest, thanks for your comment. My advice is that you should contact the schools directly and find out from them the age requirements, as different schools have different entry requirements. Thanks

  2. al maruf sunny

    good day sir,and at first i thanks to you to give a lot of info for intetnational students on your bloggs.sir,um a poor Bangladeshi boy but i want to study and situate in canda.so sir please suggest me how can get low cost candian universitys visa.like as cnd$3000-5000 per year.

    1. Admin

      Hi Almaruf, you have to apply to a Canadian university first, before you start working on your visa. With your invitation letter from the school, getting a visa will not be an uphill task. For low tuition universities in Canada, you can try Southern Alberta institute of Technology or Memorial University of Newfoundland. Their tuition ranges from $5000 to $7000 for international students. Thanks

  3. Sulary. UAE

    Thank you for your service. I really value them.

    1. Admin

      Thanks Sulary for your feedback.

  4. Sulary

    Dear Admin;

    What is the recognition level of Southern Alberta institute of Technology in canadian immigration & permanent settelement Dept.

    i.e As the courses & degrees are low cost

  5. Golam Rabby

    I want to study in finance.please tell me some low cost university in canada for finance

    1. Admin

      Hi Golam, check out the following low tuition schools in Canada. Note that their tuition fees ranges from 5000 to 7000 USD per year for international Students :
      1. Brandon University
      2. Memeorial University of Newfoundland
      3. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

  6. stanley onokiti

    dear admin, i want to study in canada for my post graduate studies. what university accepts second class lower and whats the cost of tution also

    1. Admin

      Hi Stanley, you can send your application to the following schools:
      1. Brandon University
      2.Memorial University of Newfoundland
      Their tuition fees ranges from 5000 to 7000 USD. Thanks

  7. Ratul

    Can I get into a cheap canadian university after doing O level? I am from bangladesh who wants to study business.

  8. Gidy

    I like to study in canada for my Masters. I like to know low cost universities in Environmental studies. I like to know if u could give an estimate of school fees and cost of living in that area. Thanks for your assistance.
    I read about University of Saskatchewan, but some say the area is expensive. I don’t know about their general school fees. I will like u to enlighten me on this

  9. Donald mike

    Hi admin, i’m so happy to come across this page. I’m a poor boy of 19 but would like to study in canada. My course to study is computer science. I would like you to suggest to me what probably is the exact tuition fee of the course in a cheap university. I represent Nigeria. How can i fund my education there too? Urgent reply would be most welcomed.

    1. Admin

      Hi Donald, since you are a poor boy, then I will suggest you study in Canadian low tuition universities that tuition ranges from 5000 to 7000 USD. The schools are: Brandon University, Memorial university of newfoundland. Thanks

  10. Emran

    Good day sir,and at first i thanks to you to give a lot of info for intetnational students on your bloggs.sir,i’m a poor Bangladeshi boy but i want to study MBA and situate in canda.so sir please suggest me how can get low cost candian universitys visa.like as cnd$4000-6000 per year.

  11. chrispin

    hello i am a Ghanaian living with a Turkish resident permit in turkey..and i will like to study journalism in canada..which ones are tuition free or low tuition..i will like to start 2014..thank you

    1. Admin

      Hi Chrispin, thanks for writing in. There are no tuition free universities in Canada, you can only find low and affordable tuition universities and here they are:
      1. Brandon University
      2. Memorial university of Newfoundland
      3.Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
      Their tuition fees ranges from 4000 to 7000 USD per year. Thanks

  12. loyah

    Great job helping students alike, numerous thanks. Presently i have a masters in information technology and will also be concluding my MBA and i am wondering if i could get a cheap university that i can do my PHd in IT related courses and which is cheap. Thanks

    1. Admin

      Thanks Loyah for your feedback. You’ll surely find cheap universities to pursue your PHd here.

  13. ogungbemi Oluwagbemiga

    HI admin,
    am Oluwagbemiga by name.I’m a poor boy of 21 but would like to study in canada.i was given a canada’s visa by my unlce and i will love to study in canada and i just have my O level on hand now and will like 2 study about airforce or navl in canada sir what advise can you give me and if i went too study art or journalism which tution is low and affordable……..:…

    1. Admin

      Hi Olu, uou can check out university of Brandon here. Their fees are cheap and affordable.


    Pls I want to find out about cheap.tuition fees in canadian universities and a school that offers clinical psychology at masters level…thanks pls reply ASAP..

  15. raj puspa

    i found few universities with low cost in your site but will you tell me the universities with low tution and low living cost around $ 10000-12000

    1. Admin

      Hi Raj, please check out Memorial University of Newfoundland here, their fees is within that range.

  16. Mebune Stephen

    Good morning sir, i wish to enquire if i can obtain admission in to a low tuition university(4000-6000 cds) which caries out marien studies ie(trade in the safety transfer of oil or bridge watchman ) at the undergraduate level. Thanks

    1. Admin

      Hi Mebune, yes you can check out Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland here


    Pls can I get a school in canada that that I can study clinical psychology. For my master degree and has an affordable fee from $6000-8000.pls reply ASAP

  18. laurachinenye

    Hi sir, I am a young girl struggling to make it in life I want study nursing in canada please can u direct me to a low cost university that is good in the course I want to do. Thanks

  19. Catherine Waneck

    Goodday admin, i am a young Cameroonian struggling to make it in life. i wish to study nursing in a low tuition university in Canada. pls i want you to advice me on which university to apply. pls reply me its urgent. thanks.

    1. Admin

      Hi Catherine, yes you can study nursing in Canada. But the fact is that most of these schools admit international students who have some years of work experience in nursing. Please find below a list of universities in Canada offering nursing:
      1. University of Alberta
      2. Mount Royal University
      3. University of Ottawa

  20. ufuoma

    hi, I want to study accountancy in Canada I need low tuition fees Canada university

  21. ufuoma

    hi, I want study m.sc accountancy so I need cheap university in Canada..thanks

  22. Adeyinka

    Hello Admin, Please i want to study Computer Engineering in Canada. I need a low tuition fee university. Its urgent. Thanks

    1. Admin

      Hi Adeyinka, you can check out Memorial University of Newfoundland here. Their tuition fees is one of the lowest in Canada

  23. stephen Jeffery

    Hello sir
    am jeffery stephen. From Nigeria. Please i do like to study in canada in any high or low tutiton. Due to lack of enough funds. Please i’d plead for a scholorship to study there as a medical student. Pure medicine though. I’ve desired to study there… I just finished my secondary school.
    I have a neco result waec result and also a gce result. Please sir.. I await your comment and advice.. Reach me through this email: jefferylamar22@gmail.com …thanks alot. God bless you richly and well.

    1. Admin

      Hi Stephen, you can search for scholarships here and apply to the ones you meet the requirements.

  24. gauri

    Hello admin, I want to pursue masters in computer science in canada. Can u suggest me few universities having low tuition costs.
    I have heard few as university of manitoba, university of saskatchewan but i have heard its not easy to live there because the are so much cold.

    1. Admin

      Hi Gauri, you can check out Memorial University of Newfoundland.

  25. mohajer

    Hello I am a licensed food industry of Iran What more can master in the field of civil engineering scholarships to study? Please introduce me to a university
    please answere me with email

    1. Admin

      Hi Mohhajer, you can search for scholarships here and apply

  26. mohajer

    Hello I am a licensed food industry of Iran What more can master in the field of civil engineering scholarships to study? Please introduce me to a university
    and sent me with my email


  27. Claude

    Hey admin
    Just wanted to thank u for your nice help

    1. Admin

      Thanks Claude

  28. esther

    hello sir am a Ghanaian and still studying my degree here .i will like to study finance in one of the affordable universities but i have checked through their programmes but i cant find finance…am currently studying mathematics here in Ghana

  29. Lipsey

    Hi admin, pls I need a low tuition paying university either in Europe or in north America that would resume this year 2014 or latest by January. or any schl that I can still beat their dealine.

  30. suave

    would you please tell me can I afford my tuition fees along with living cost to do job in Canada?and how much can I earn in a month??

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