Study in Austria: Cost of Study, Intake Periods, Admission and Language Requirements


Austria is a top tourist destination which is as a result of its location, historical and cultural importance. The cost of living is quite high in the major cities with Vienna being the most expensive.
Higher learning institutions are established in several cities hence cost of living is hugely dependent on where your choice school is located. The institutions are mainly residential while students also have the option of living in privately owned apartments.

Although, international students can apply for housing through the Austrian Exchange Service(OeAD) and the international office in the various institutions of learning. A student will need between 710 Euro and 800 Euro a month to pay for their needs such as hose rent, food expenses, personal expenses and studies.

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Admission requirement
Universities in Austria operate undergraduate and post-graduate programs. The system of education is both practical and research based with an aim to produce efficient students. The standard is quite high hence the recruitment process is rigorous.

To apply for undergraduate degree, past educational qualifications certificates are required such as elementary school, high school or secondary school certificates.

Certificates required for master’s program are primary school certificate, equivalent of high school or secondary school certificate, undergraduate statement of result/transcript which are all required to certify the student’s ability and knowledge.

The PHD program requires a good master’s degree and in some cases a number of certifications which are crucial to one’s success in the process of applying.

Language requirement

Austria is a mainly a German speaking nation with some other minority groups. The German language is the language of choice for its courses but there are programs where English language can be chosen.

International students with a good understanding of the German language are at an
advantage especially in relation to their ability to integrate fully into the society hence applicants or prospective students are encouraged to learn the German language either in their home country
or in the first year of their stay in Austria.
The English Language is also a language of choice in some courses taught in the tertiary institutions. It is compulsory for international students to prove their proficiency in English language by taking tests such as TOEFL, IELTS etc.

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Intake period/requirements
Universities in Austria operate the summer and winter semesters and students can apply in both semesters. Applicants are required to present some documents during the application processing. This include documents like:

An international applicant is required to produce a proof of their nationality such as a valid ID card, a photo or a valid travel document.

Documents certifying a candidate’s proficiency either in the German language or English language. This is dependent on the institution and course of study.

All the required documents outlined under the admission requirements are to be included as it concerns the course level of the applicant.

Application documents can is available for downloading from the website of the
institution a student is applying to. The document will contain the
course you intend to study.

Applicants are advised to ask as many questions as possible to determine how the admission process is carried out as it concerns their choice course.

Applicants must have sent their documents before September 1st for the summer semester and February 1st for the winter semester.

Deadlines are sacrosanct hence if the documents do not get across before the period elapse, the applicant will have to wait till the next admission period. It is also advised that applicants should send their documents across as early as possible as the process of
admission is quite tasking.

Entry examination is not compulsory for all available courses. Applicants are
only required to write examination in some selected courses like Medical science, courses offered in universities of Arts etc.

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Applicants can confirm the process of admission from the website of the institutions they are applying to. If you want to study in Austria and need help with your application procedures or any other related information, contact us and you’ll get professional assistants.






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