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It might interest you to know that there are universities in Europe that are operating tuition free, meaning that as a students you are not expected to pay any fee as tuition so, if you really want to study abroad but you cannot afford the high tuition, why not think about enrolling in free universities.
In this article, am going to talk about two countries in Europe that are operating tuition free universities the two countries are Germany and Finland.



Universities in Germany tuition free, meaning that you only have to pay for your living expenses like accommodation, food transportation etc. and pay nothings for tuition most of the course offered in German universities are taught in English so you don’t have to learn German language to study in Germany.


The are great number of reasons why students should considers studying in Germany universities.
1. education in German is FREE of charge so as a students you take care of your living expenses which should amount to approximately 600 euros per month.
2. most causes are taught in English international students can study is German universities without having to learn the German language as most of the causes are taught in English language.
3. the students of teaching in German universities is reached one of the best in the world.
Most of the applicants to study in German universities are done online simply log into the university portal/webpage and locate the online application form you will be provided with the instruction on how to fill the form make sure you will fill the forms as accurately as you can, as you will not be able to retrieve the information after you have submitted, attached photocopies of your credentials to your application or send it separately via e-mail or air mail when you have submitted all the necessary documents, the school will start processing your admission and if your application accepted, you will be given offer to study.


Another country that operates tuition free education is Finland. Since education is founded by the state thought the ministry of students are exampled form from free payment. As a student, you only take care of your living expenses like food, accommodation textbooks etc.
Cost of living in Finland estimated at about 400 to 600 euros monthly. This amount covers accommodation, ford and other expenses.
Note that this figure is only estimated and can change depending in ones lifestyle.


1. education is free and as a students you don’t pay for tuition.
2. students can work and study
3. causes are taught in English language
4. cost of living is low compared to other Europeans.



Application to most universities in Finland are done online. All you need to do is to select the school of your choice, log into their web portal and request for an online application form. After filling all your details on the from you will transcripts, references letters to the school by air-mail or e-mail.
When the school have approved your application you will be issued an offer letter.
With the offer, you can apply for scholarships accommodation and visa.



For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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  1. Hi Admin., I just finished my degree and will like to study abroad for my MSc prog. Can you please furnish me with any lastest information about any school in Europe that can offer me work and study? Thanks

    1. Hi Mike, almost all European Countries allow students to work and study. You can try countries like Germany, Poland, Finland etc. Finland and Germany are operating tuition free, while the tuition fees in Poland is quite low and affordable and in the range of 2000 to 4000 EURO per year for international students.

  2. hello, dear Sirs/Mams;
    I am willing to study in one of the universities in Germany. please let me know about the procedures to apply.
    best regards,
    Alireza Mottaghinezhad

    1. Hi Alireza, you can apply for admission into German schools through Uni-assist or by sending your application directly to the school. Once the school receives your application, they will go through it and if you meet the minimum admission requirement, an admission letter will be sent to you.

    1. Hi Saja, all you need do is contact any of those universities, request for application materials and forward your application to them. It’s that easy!

  3. Dear Sir,

    I would like to inform you that I am interested to continue my education at your university in the field of translation.

    My name is Abdelbassit Bouameur and I have a high school and a diploma of English language from the university.

    I would like to ask you kindly to guide me how to get admission for the course in transation, languages and tourism. Please let me know the necessary steps which I should follow for the next academic years , so I can prepare all the necessary documents, and I do hope with your help and guidance I can reach to my education aim in the near future at your university.
    And here is my adress:
    Abdelbassit bouameur
    37 en nasr street
    45200 ain sefra
    In advance I am thanking you for your kind attention and hope to hear from you so soon.

    Best regards,

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