Stanford University, USA: Ranking, Tuition Fees, Cost of Living Plus Admission Requirements



Stanford University, a private research university with its campus in California, was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Stanford as a tributary memorial to their son Leland Stanford junior whose death from typhoid fever had occurred the previous year at the age of 15. The University has one of the largest campuses in the United States with its grounds running into 8,180 acres and with additional facilities and land spread across the country.

What is the place of Stanford on the ranking of US colleges?

Ranked 5th best out of 1,387 nationwide colleges and #1 out of 81 best colleges in the state of California, Stanford University is one of the United State’s most prestigious colleges.

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What are the statistics on students and staff in Stanford?

Stanford currently has about 7,019 undergraduate students walking its corridors and the instructional staff charged with the duty of teaching these students number about 1,702. Among international institutions, Stanford ranks high when it comes to attention given to students by instructional staff. Based on the full-time equivalent (FTE) count of the institution’s staff which also factors in those with part-time status, Stanford University boasts a “student to teacher” ratio of 10 to 1 which is very much among the nation’s best. At Stanford, there are 10 undergraduate students for every instructor and the significant majority of these instructors, somewhere around 91% are those who operate full-time. Also, 64% of the instructors are ‘faculty’ staff as opposed to ‘lecturers’. Meanwhile, 99% of the faculty staff are full-time staffs.


How diverse and inclusive is this institution?

University website, ranks Stanford 4th overall on its national standings for diversity which takes into account an institution’s effective policy on ethnicity, age, gender and geographic inclusion.

How can a prospective student apply?

Stanford accepts an average of 5.1% of applications sent in by prospective students and one wishing to apply must be careful to have the following in mind.

For freshman applicants, the following are the requirements for a successful application

– Arts Portfolio – this is optional and is usually submitted by candidates as evidence that they possess exceptional artistic talents

– Required Application Components. These are

1. Coalition Application or Common Application

2. $90 nonrefundable application fee or a fee waiver

3. Official testing (SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing)

4. School report including letter of recommendation from counselor

5. Official transcripts

6. Letters of recommendation from two teachers

7. Midyear transcript

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What about transfer students?

Students on transfer are also required to complete the required application components which are

1. Coalition Application or Common Application

2. $90 nonrefundable application fee or a request for waiver

3. Official testing (SAT with Essay or ACT with Writing)

4. Official high school transcript (including your date of graduation)

5. Official transcripts from every college/university the student has earned credit from

6. College report

7. Letters of recommendation from two academic instructors

Once your application has been sent, it is advisable to add to your email address book to enable you constantly receive correspondence from the University in relation to your application status. You should of course have made sure that first your email is valid. At this point, you should also consider applying for financial aid.

Requirements for prospective international students who seek admission.

For international students, the process of application is the same irrespective of country or citizenship. They could also apply for financial aid which may be accepted depending on the country where the applicant had his high school education. This application may only be done at this stage as the university does not allow already admitted students who indicated in their application that they would not be applying for financial aid to subsequently do so.

International students do not also need to convert their grades into American GPA and marks and grades are required to be sent directly from the school.


What is the cost of living for Stanford students?

A regular graduate may have to estimate a total of $39,828 as living cost for the period of autumn, winter, spring and summer. Realistically, this amount could increase for as much as 10-40% for students who decide to reside off-campus

What are the tuition and fees for Stanford University students?

For undergraduate students at Stanford University, the tuition and fees for the 2016-2017 academic school year amounted to $47,940. This is a slight increase from the 2015-2016 school year where tuition and fees were $46,320 for all undergraduate students. For the graduate students, they paid a similar total of $47, 940 for the 2016-2017 school year.

On an average, Stanford undergraduates pay a total or net price of $64,477 which covers tuition and fees ($46,320), room and boarding expenses ($14,107) as well as other likely expenses($4,050). This amount is however likely to depend on whether a student qualifies for aid either as a member of a low income or an average family. Where he is from a low income family and qualifies for aid, he may receive grants totaling $57,470 which goes to reduce the net price of his fees to $7,007. If from an average income family and qualified for aid, a student’s grants and scholarships may total $42,359 reducing his net price to $22,118.

Is there a total estimate of the fees to be paid for the course of my study?

To better prepare yourself for the financial commitments that you will face in the course of a possible four (or two) years degree, it may be good to have an estimate of the total fees and tuition payable in that period. Using the data from the past 5 years, we discovered that cost of education at Stanford increased at an annual average of 3.2%. This means that students who paid $64,477 in their freshman year in 2015-2016 are likely to pay a total of $288,443 over a four year degree (or $139,638 for a two year period). Note, however, that financial aids are not factored into these numbers and if done, reduces the overall cost for each student by varying amounts.

Also, international students should note that except they qualify for aid, they are usually required to pay the full amount of the tuition and fees.




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