South Western Oklahoma State University, USA: Study Programs, Tuition, Cost of Living and Admission Requirements

Founded in 1901, the Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) is a public institution located in Weatherford, a small city situated in Southwestern Oklahoma in the United States of America. Oklahoma has one of the fastest growing economies in the United States of America, with an estimated population of about 4 million residents and a cost of living index of about 86.


The University has two undergraduate Colleges, with about eighteen faculties altogether. You will find below, a breakdown of all the available faculties for undergraduate studies:

College of arts and Sciences:

  • Art, Communication and Theatre
  • Art Education
  • Biological Sciences
  • Natural Science Education
  • Chemistry and Physics
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Language and Literature
  • Natural Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Language and Literature
  • English Education
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education
  • Music
  • Music Education
  • Social Sciences
  • History Education

College of Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy

Also, there is a College of Professional and Graduate Studies, comprising three schools namely:

  • School of Behavioral Sciences and Education
  • Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology
  • School of Nursing and Allied Health Service


The University has a total enrollment figure of about 5,113 students, comprising an undergraduate student population of about 4,358 (with a gender distribution of 42 percent males and 58 percent females) and a graduate student population of about 756. These figures include students of different national and racial backgrounds who enjoy equal learning opportunities in a conducive learning environment at very affordable prices, so you should have no problems fitting in socially.

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Applying to SWOSU:

The university is quite selective, so in the event that you become interested in submitting an application for admission into any of her current programs, please note that the following eligibility criteria must be met before you can be accepted into your preferred study program:

For Undergraduates studies:

  • You must be a graduate from an accredited high school or have a GED.
  • You must either possess a minimum ACT score of 20, a minimum SAT score of 940, rank in the 50% of your class and have a 2.7 GPA or simply have a 2.7 GPA in the 15 unit core curriculum.

For Graduate studies:

  • You must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association.
  • Applicants entering for Master of Education and Master of Science programs with an undergraduate score less than 2.50 must have an official copy of their Graduate Record Exam score sent to the university’s graduate office.
  • Applicants entering for Master of Business Administration and M.S. Management programs are required to take an online inbound CPC exam. Once all required application information is received, applicants will be provided with examination instructions to this effect.
  • The following documents must be attached and sent with your application for admission into graduate studies: Official transcripts of all credits earned, Transfer of Credit policy and two reference letters (for Master of Music degree applicants) and two recommendation forms completed by professionals qualified to rate academic aptitude and motivational factors (for Master of Education, Master of Science and Master of Business administration degree applicants).
  • Additional information (such as portfolios) may be required, depending on your preferred specialization.

Having made sure that all the listed requirements for your preferred study program are in place, you may then proceed to undertake the application procedure, which includes the following steps:

– log on to , click on the ‘apply’ button, check for your preferred program and submit an online application for admission

– submit your high school and/or college transcripts

– submit your ACT/SAT scores.

Once you have been offered admission into the university, you will be assigned an advisor in your major area of interest to assist you with enrollment and provide general program information.

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Compared to other institutions of the same academic and living standards, schooling at SWOSU appears to be quite affordable. In the table below, you will find a summary of the tuition and living costs you may incur at the school:

Oklahoma Residents Non Residents
Undergraduate Tuition and Fees– 15 hours $3,195.00 $6,570.00
Graduate Tuition and Fees per hour $236 $496
Academic Fees– 15 hours(at $9.75 per hour) $161.25 $161.25
Room and Board– 10 meals/week, semi private room $2,480.00 $2,480.00
Parking Fee $25 $25
Books (estimate) $500 $500

Given the figures above, you can work out a decent study budget based on your preferences and selected study program.


At SWOSU, 58 percent of undergraduates receive some sort of financial aid or the other on the basis of need. The average need-based scholarship or financial grant award is about $1,710. There are three major financial aid options to choose from if you are looking for financial assistance while studying here, which include: Stafford Student Loans, Federal Work Study and Tuition Aid Grants. Also, financial aid could come in the form of scholarships if you are a hard working student, as SWOSU not only offers scholarships based on academics, athletics and a number of other different categories but also accepts scholarship grants earned from organizations outside the school. You could email if you wish to make further enquiries about available financial aid and scholarships.


Southwestern Oklahoma University offers a number of student services, which include but are not limited to: non-remedial tutoring, placement services, health services, insurance services, as well as campus safety and security services such as 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, emergency telephones, lighted pathways and sidewalks and controlled dormitory access. There is also an interactive map available for easy navigation of locations within the campus, designed for easy accessibility.

swosa logo.png


Studying at SWOSU promises to be a robust sports, fun and recreation filled experience, as the school offers students an opportunity to enjoy different sports and extracurricular fun activities. There are nine different sports categories to pick from, including: baseball, basketball, football, softball, volleyball, women’s track and field, women’s cross-country, men and women’s golf, men and women’s rodeo and women’s soccer. Her athletic team is nicknamed ‘the bulldogs’ and would always wear jerseys with the head of a bulldog inscribed on them, as a symbol.

Also, if you are going to be embarking on an academic journey in this institution, then it is important to note that SWOSU upholds high disciplinary standards and expects strict compliance from both staff and students. One prominent number among such standards is the prohibition of alcohol consumption in the school, even for those who are legally eligible.

Bringing it all together: The Southwestern Oklahoma State University is a great place to pursue academic excellence, if you’re looking out for an assurance of quality education, a conducive study environment and a wide variety of recreational activities to choose from, all in one affordable package.

For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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