UK most affordable university, postgraduate degree veterinary medicine

Postgraduate Degree In Veterinary Medicine At UK’s Most Affordable University

UK most affordable university, postgraduate degree veterinary medicineSeveral factors are taken into consideration when choosing a university to do a Postgraduate program abroad. High on the list include variables like affordability, political situation of the host country, culture and the pedigree of the school.

Situated in central London with a campus in the relatively quiet rural community of Hertfordshire, the Royal Veterinary College in London ticks many of the important boxes for choosing a destination for a Postgraduate course in veterinary medicine.

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A recent country-wide research of universities ranked the school as the most affordable school for a postgraduate degree in veterinary medicine in UK.

It is remarkable that RVC can rank so highly given that it is close to London, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Credibility of the ranking

The survey was carried out by the Reddin Survey. This survey is the source of the most comprehensive data of university tuition fees in the UK. With their resources and data, they were able to rank the universities in terms of how much tuition is paid by international students across the UK.

The survey provided a useful guide to the top ten affordable universities in the UK for Postgraduate studies. In the following days, we would be looking at some of the universities that made it to the top 10 list.

Postgraduate studies in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine is one of the most sought after courses in the world. So a graduate with a good degree from a prestigious university is likely to command a lot of respect and pay in the job market.

Cost of Living in the UK

The cost of living in the UK is determined by location and lifestyle just like everywhere else. Therefore, the figures listed below would be just the average cost of living for the whole country.

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The cost of living per week in the country for students should be between £190 and £240. This is assuming there are no additional, unplanned expenses.

Here is the latest average cost of living in the UK for specific items:

  1. Food – £45/week
  2. Laundry – £10/week
  3. Telephone – £15/week
  4. Transport – £20/week
  5. Utilities – £20/per week
  6. Rent in furnished studio apartment – £1,102/month in London

Royal Veterinary College (RVC)

In all of the UK, RVC is the largest and oldest tertiary institution specifically established to train experts in animal medicine. The school is affiliated to the prestigious University of London.

The school offers programs for Postgraduate students in all the most important aspects of veterinary medicine. Undergraduates courses too are available for international students.

As far as pedigree goes, RVC has it in spades.

Average cost of living tuition for RVC international students


International students wishing to study here should have no problem with accommodation, at least in the first year. The university provides halls of residence to all first year students.

Apart from university-provided halls, there are other options both on and off-campus suitable for students. These are single room occupancy making them very affordable.

Cost of university accommodation – £8,100 – £8,300/annum

Cost of private accommodation – £8,900 – £11,000/annum

Tuition fees

The annual tuition fee of a Postgraduate program in RVC is between £8,925 and £33, 000 depending on the particular program. However, it is from the tuition of £8,925 that makes RVC the most affordable University in the UK.

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English Language Requirements

All international students whose first language is not English must show prove of English language proficiency by writing an approved test.

The most acceptable is the IELTS (in the Academic category) test. A score of 7.0 or above is best. The minimum acceptable score for each component of the test is 6.5.

Full details of programs and courses, and other admission requirements for international postgraduate students for RVC are available on the university’s website.

For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476



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