Not-To-Forget Packing Dos And Don’ts For Studying Abroad

Studying abroadIt is common for any student who is going abroad for study to receive advices and suggestions from family and friends regarding how to pack, what to pack, what to leave and how much of things to take along. While packing, students sometimes forget that they can only take along limited items and not everything that they love to keep. The decision of leaving certain things back at home can be tough for most of the students but it is essential to realize the necessity of things and prioritize them accordingly while packing.

If your time to leave for abroad is very near and you are still not sure about what to pack and what to leave, consider the following list of basic dos and don’ts of packing:


  • Keep in mind that you will have to stay abroad for at least a period of 2-3 years or until your courses complete. So, pack your clothes according to the severity of seasons there. Make sure to keep effective warm clothes for winters if that city faces extreme winters.
  • Make sure to wear one and pack all your comfortable shoes while you are travelling abroad. You might not get a chance to visit malls for shoe shopping when you land there, so it is wise to be prepared for long walks at campus by taking comfortable shoes along.
  • Place all your educational documents along with certificates of achievements in different fields in a proper file and put this file with your ticket and passport so that you do not forget to take it with you.
  • Collect all information about the campus of your college or university and places nearby. Especially if you do not know anybody there, keep pamphlets in your hand or print the downloaded information about the new city along with emergency numbers before you leave so that you do not feel lost as soon as you reach the airport.


  • While it is wise to pack clothes for each season, it is completely unnecessary to pack your entire wardrobe. You might make enough space for keeping all clothes in your suitcase but you might not get enough space to accommodate all your extra clothes in your dorm room. So, don’t pack every piece of clothing and instead pick a few of each pair.
  • No matter how much you love a certain kind of food from back home, never take it along with you abroad, when you go there to studies. Carrying food items in your luggage not only takes up a lot of space but also poses a damage threat to other items placed in the suitcase.
  • Being students, many want to take their books from homeland along when they go abroad to study. While it may be cost effective to take your old books along but it will kill all the extra space that you can utilize for other important things. So, be wise, and take only the most important books along as you will find all other necessary books in library of your new college as well.

While these are the most basic dos and don’ts for students who go abroad to study, there are many other tips that you want to consider before leaving your hometown. It is always best to seek an acquaintance, who is already studying abroad in the same city that you are going to, and ask their advice and learn from their experiences. This way you don’t only get to know about what you should take or not but you will also find a friend who can help you when you are in trouble.

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