Low Tuition Universities to Study Nursing


1. University of Missouri

 Research and top-notch teachings are endeavors that the University of Missouri is well known for, its reputation is also sustained and held firm by the values it seeks to contribute to the Health institutions by the instrumentality of its classroom teachings. The university school of nursing is called Sinclair School of nursing.

Also the affordability of its tuition fees is another reason to adhere the University to international students, the tuition cost for undergraduates studies is $282.00 per credit, and for international students $557.30 per credit. For graduate studies, tuition fees are $360 per credit, and $625.80 per credit for international students. Online courses are also available for persons who prefer distance learning to face-to face teachings.

2. Alcon State University

This University is well known as an excellent leader in nursing education, practice and research, this has been the university’s aim from its creation. Its school of nursing is located at Natchez campus, and equipped with enabling environment that allows every student to gain skills, knowledge and character. The school’s tuition fee for undergraduates cost $3824 per credit for instate master’s students, for international students or out of state students it cost $382 per credit. While undergraduates pay $5,269, and $1,277 for tuition and fees.

3. Lamar University

Lamar University seeks to teach and prepare students for excellent and practical nursing functions and practices, by helping students attain critical thinking. It has an incredibly cheap tuition fees at $3,120 per semester, for international students  seeking admission into nursing school it is the ideal and perfect place to attain their desired qualification. Student are to complete 120 credit hours.

4. Stony Brook University

This is another affordable nursing school for international students, with its tuition fee at $2, 785 per semester. Although it’s an online college, its affordable fees probably makes it one of the smartest choices for an international student who wants to study nursing.

5. North-western Michigan College

This university also offers online Associate Degree for their Nursing programs, all of which are some of the cheapest nursing program any international student can hope to find anywhere. The university has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. The tuition fee cost $150 per credit hour. The process of looking for a top-quality nursing schools and the some of the cheapest nursing school for international students can be quite tasking, long and requiring a lot of research. Although there are lots of other factors to be taken into consideration when looking for a nursing school, affordable tuition fee is one of the most important factor any international student will to take into consideration when choosing the right school. 

6. Nevada University

Las Vegas, usually known as an enjoyable city with grand nights, at the same time it is also is the home of one of the most affordable nursing schools for any international student. Located in the United States, and with its tuition fees at a record of $2,872 per semester, prospective students are able to comfortably pay for the tuition fees and other related cost such as accommodation and feeding during their study year/ period.

7. Indiana State University

Enter in Indiana State University widely well known for the quality education it delivers, this is the same quality persons seeking an affordable nursing school with an excellent education can expect and experience. Whether it’s undergraduate, post graduate or master’s program an international student is looking for, Indiana State University has all of these programs available and most importantly it is equally affordable.


8. Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University is also another institution international students can consider a preferable option, when seeking for the cheapest nursing school at the same time looking for quality education still. The university has a college of medicine which functions and runs online, all the courses are offered online, this is preferable for individuals/student who have to work while studying or prefer distance learning, this university is perfect for such students. The tuition fees for undergraduates cost $327 per credit hour, for graduates it cost $439 per credit hours.

9. Walden University

This university is known to have the highest number of graduates when it comes to its nursing school, this is regardless of the fact that it runs an online nursing degree program. This  prides its self with offering demanding curriculum to its students with the aim of preparing them to solve and keep up with the challenges of the 21st century nursing world. Its tuition fees is pegged at $300 per quarter credit hour for its Bachelor Program, $410 per quarter credit hour for its Master’s Program and $760 per credit hour for its Doctoral program.

10. Grand Canyon University

This University is located in the United stated and has several locations through Arizona, and New Mexico, it runs its nursing program which seeks to equip students with top-notch skills beneficial to the human anatomy through rigorous and practical training. It has been reported that Grand Canyon University has a state of the art human dissection and anatomy program. For undergraduates, the tuition fees cost $495 per credit, they also run Advanced practice Graduate Nursing Programs which cost $600 per credit hour.





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