Low Tuition Universities in Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver is a seaport Canadian City that is located on the Mainland Province of British Columbia. With a population of 603,502, the city is the eighth most populated city in Canada. It is popular for being one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse modern metropolis.

The following are some low tuition universities in Vancouver:

  1. Capilano University:

Capilano University is located in Vancouver, Canada. It was established in 1968 as a sector of public education. This university contains only undergraduate studies. There are about 7,500 undergraduate students studying here. It is one of the cheapest universities in Vancouver, Canada. There are two campuses of Capilano University out of Canada. One campus is in Squeamish and the other is in Sechelt. Within Vancouver, Canada Capilano University has three main campuses. One campus is in North Vancouver. The second campus is in North Shore and the third one is in Downtown Vancouver. The Capilano University is offering six different bachelor degrees, twelve associate degrees and about thirty plus diploma certifications. The Capilano University is offering more than 680 scholarships for international students in various programs. It is the most affordable undergraduate university in Canada.


The courses taught at Capilano University are as follows

  • Department of engineering
  • Department of liberal arts
  • Department of Applied Sciences
  • Department of business administration

Tuition fee:

The international tuition fee at Capilano University per 5 courses is from $4500 to $7,500

  1. Vancouver Island University:

. Vancouver Island University (VIU) is a centre of excellence for teaching, learning and applied research. Graduates are in demand across the country and around the world. VIU offers programs that range from graduate and undergraduate degrees to vocational and trades diplomas and certificates, as well as continuing education programs. Vancouver Island University is located in Vancouver, Canada. It is one of the cheapest and most affordable universities in Vancouver, Canada. It was established in 1969 as Malaspina College but then later in 2008 it was renamed as Vancouver Island University. It is a public university. The university has its main campus in Nanaimo and is known as Nanaimo Campus. The other campus is located in Cowichan and it is called Cowichan Campus. The campus of Vancouver Island University present in Parkville Qualicum is called Parkville Campus. Vancouver Island University is offering a large number of exchange programs and internships to its students. It is one of the best universities present in Vancouver Canada. Vancouver Island University has affiliations with many universities of United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Japan. It is due to the quality of education provided here.


Following department are present at Vancouver Island University

  • Department of business
  • Department of hospitality and tourism
  • Department of technology and science
  • Department of humanities
  • Department of minor subjects

Tuition fees:

The international tuition fee for degree programs is $6,600 per semester excluding the cost of books.

  1. University of British Columbia ( Faculty of Law) 

The faculty of law by University of Columbia is located in Vancouver, Canada. It is one of the most affordable law universities in Vancouver, Canada. It was established in 1945 as a public school of law. There are about over 600 students studying law here. It is one of the largest law departments in Canada. The language used in this university is English. A large number of international students are studying here.


Following courses are being offered within this faculty of law

  • Business law
  • Tax law
  • Environmental law
  • Feminist law
  • Resource law

Tuition fees:

The international tuition fee for undergraduate students is $754.30 per credit hour. The fee keeps on changing according to the subject selected. For international postgraduate courses the tuition fee per year is $7,343.00.


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