Low Tuition Universities in Belgium

study in Belgium2Belgium is known for the good quality of its Institutions of higher education all over the World. This can be seen through their external equality assurance system that has been developed as well as their regular self assessments. This is quite remarkable when one considers the low fees of the education Institutions when compared to other Institutions all over the World.


Belgium universities fees are much lower than most other Countries in Europe. The tution fees are quite affordable as individuals can pay as low as 500- 1500 Euros per year.


Living in Belgium is a bit more expensive than other European Countries. Therefore the cost of living in terms of feeding, transportation, accommodation among others are generally higher than other Countries in Europe. It is calculated that about 750 Euros per month will cover such costs.


Before checking out the academic requirements needed to be eligible for universities in Belgium, there is one basic requirement needed.

Most of the courses in Belgium universities are taught in French. This is why a more than average understanding of French is demanded to sturdy most of the courses. This should not be seen as a setback for candidates applying as there are certain programs tailored to assist candidates to learn French.

On the academic front, the following requirements are necessary for a bachelor degree program

Must have a secondary certificate that is recognized as been equal or on the same level as that of secondary school certificates obtained in Brussels.

Considering the above, candidates who have a secondary school foreign certificate should submit an application to the Equivalences Department of the Ministry of Federation Wallonia-Brussels in order to obtain a recognition of the equivalence of their secondary school leaving certificate, in order to know if they are qualified for the program.

To be qualified for the master’s program, the following requirements are needed.

Must have an undergraduate degree

A professional or personal experience can be accepted by the Institution provided that is accepted by admissions panel of the Institute who use laid down requirements that will determine if such a candidate is eligible for the program.

List of top Universities in Belgium

  • Boston University
  • University of Kent
  • Brussels Schools Of International Studies
  • University Of Antwerp
  • The Open University


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