Low Tuition Universities in Belgium, Georgia and Russia

study in EuropeToday, many people will want to study abroad and get a degree that is based on a high international standard but may not have the needed finances to achieve their dream. The truth of the matter is that one can actually study abroad no matter his/her income or financial status. You can either apply for scholarships if you are poor, enroll in tuition free universities , or study in low tuition universities where you pay very little tuition fees. In my post today, I will be focusing on countries in Europe with extremely low tuition fees for international students. These countries include but not limited to; Belgium, Georgia and Russia.



Let’s start with Belgium. Belgium is a nice and conducive European country with extremely high quality of life and sound education system. Education and health care in the country is one of the best in the world. International student in Belgium will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich culture of the land common in cities like Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Liege and Namar.

Cost of living in Belgium

The cost of living in Belgium is slightly higher than other European countries. It’s usually estimated at about 700 to 800 euros per month which will cover the cost of accommodation, food healthcare, public transport, telephone and leisure.

Tuition fees

Many public universities in Belgium have low and affordable tuition fees which are among the lowest in Europe. It ranges from 500 euros to 1500 euros per academic year. Here’s a list of top universities in Belgium:

Top Universities in Belgium

  • Boston University
  • University of Kent
  • Brussels Schools Of International Studies
  • University Of Antwerp
  • The Open University
  • University of Ghent
  • Universite de Liege
  • Flanders Business School


study in GeorgiaGeorgia is situated is situated at the dividing line of Asia and Europe, bordered by the black sea in the west, Turkey and Armenia by the South.

It’s an ancient country of rugged mountains and very determined people. Georgia is another country in Europe with low tuition universities for international students. Let’s take a look at the cost of living in Georgia for international students

Cost of living in Georgia

Cost of living in Georgia is low and affordable. It ranges from $300 to $500 per month and covers the cost of accommodation, food utility, travel etc.

Universities in Georgia

  • Tbilisi State University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Georgian Technical University
  • University of Grigol Robakidze
  • Tbilisi Institute of Asia and Africa

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Georgian universities vary from institution to institution. For most undergraduate programs, it ranges from $2500 to $3000 and about $4000 for postgraduate study.


RussiaRussia is the largest country in the world—slightly less than 1.8 times the size of the United States. It is located in northeastern Europe and northern Asia. Studying in this big beautiful country will afford you the opportunity to see Russian’s unique culture and enjoy hospitality at its best. Apart from these, you also earn a degree that is based on high international standards. You will learn the Russian language as all international students are expected to learn the language before they start their study.


Cost of living in Russia

Cost of living in Russia is one of the lowest in Europe. It’s estimated at $300 to $500 which covers the cost of accommodation, food, books etc. Please note that this figure is just estimation and could be lower or higher depending on the city and student’s spending habits.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are low and quite affordable. Fees for medicine, engineering and architecture are a bit higher and usually range from from $3500 to $5000, while other courses start from $1500 to $3000. Please note that to study in Russia, international students will be expected to undergo the Russian language training that usually last for one academic year and will cost about $1500.

Universities in Russia

  • Moscow state university
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Tomsk State University
  • Russian State University of the Humanities
  • Moscow State Institute Of International Relations
  • Altai State University
  • Ivano State Power University
  • Moscow State Industrial University
  • Saratov State University
  • Siberian State Medical University
  • Tomsk State University


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