Low Tuition: Cost of Studying and Living in Ukraine


If you have ever seen a majestic magical scene on your television set, chances are that you might have beheld the wonders of Ukraine. Its many cathedrals and monasteries and the adventure paced mountain range is something to crave for.

Ukraine is also home to over 800 institutes of higher education and has varied economy.

There are six types of higher education institute in Ukraine, each award a certain level of accreditation. Degree programs in bachelor’s level and above are offered by the institute with the highest level of accreditation, known as universities, academies and conservatories.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee in Ukraine will vary depending on your program of study and institution. For example, universities in Kiev are more likely to be more expensive than in other cities. It is also normal if you discover that you paid higher during you freshman’s year than the subsequent years.

Here is a list of tuition fees according to the courses offered.

  • Medicine $4,500
  • Pharmacy $3,800
  • Dentistry $4,400
  • Nursery $3,750
  • Petroleum Engineering $2.500
  • Petroleums economics & management $2,500
  • Software Engineering $2,600
  • Cyber security $2,600
  • Mechanical Engineering $2,300
  • Auto Mobile $$2000
  • Computer Engineering $2,300
  • ETC

If your cost of study wasn’t listed, please refer to the institution portal for more information.

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Cost of living

It is not always easy to estimate how much a student can spend within a year because of the difference in lifestyle. However, it doesn’t stop the estimation. An international student will need about USD1, 200 to USD1, 500 per year for living cost. Let’s break all the expenses down a little.


Text book and other paper materials are provided by the school library.


A mice jean cost 10 – 12$US. Shirt cost  5 – 15$US, T-shirt cost 5 – 12US$.


The food in Ukraine is very cheap despite it’s enriched awesome taste and at a cheaper rate too. According to Numbeo, 4kg of onion, or 3 liter of milk can be bought with 1.5US$. Cheap right?


The students travel pass on government transport is issued by universities and cost only 5US$ in a month.

Like we keep saying, it all boils down to your lifestyle and management skills as a student.

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Admission requirements

Every international student is required to have at least, a high school result or certificate, an international passport, a transcript from your previous university if you’re a masters degrees program student and finally, an online application form which will be gotten through the website of your school of choice.

Ukraine is an amazing destination and the benefits that comes with studying in such an awe-inspiring place is better experienced. Their universities are no doubt known and recognized in many countries of the world and employers dare not kid around when it comes to a job offer. Ukraine is a gold mine.

It’s not about the finance, neither is it about opportunity, it’s all about standing up to take charge of an opportunity that promises nothing but greatness. Your dreams are revived whenever you step foot into any institution in Ukraine.




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