Low tuition: Comprehensive List of Low Tuition Universities in Poland

study in Poland2Many international students now chose Poland as their study abroad destination because of the high quality of education coupled with low cost of living in the country. Tuition fees are also low and affordable for programs taught in English language. So if you cannot study in the US, UK and Australia due to the high tuition fees, now’s the time to think Poland. Polish universities offer lots of programs in English language in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, Sciences etc. Today, I will be providing a comprehensive list of these low tuition universities in Poland. But before I do that, lets take a look at the admission requirement, cost of living, scholarships, work and study and how to apply for admission.

Admission requirements

Applicants will need to meet the minimum entry requirement to gain admission into a Polish university. For an undergraduate study, a minimum of a high school or secondary school diploma with good grades in relevant subjects is usually required. Candidates whose first language is not English may need to prove their proficiency in the language.

For a postgraduate program, an applicant must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a good grade (minimum of second class for a masters program). In addition, the applicant must provide a strong motivation letter showing his motivations, educational background, achievements etc. Please contact the schools directly and find out find out specific entry requirements for your program as different programs have different entry requirements.

Cost of living

Cost of living in Poland is one of the lowest in Europe. With just €250 to €400, a student can take care of his living expenses like feeding, buying books, traveling around town, paying for accommodation etc. Please note that this amount is just an estimation and may vary depending on the student’s spending habit.

study in Poland4Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available for international students in Poland. They include the following; ERASMUS, Scholarships within bilateral agreement, Visegrad scholarship program, Fulbright program, scholarships for students from developing countries etc

Work and study

Students are allowed to combine work and study. In this case, non-EU/EEA students who stay in Poland with a visa generally will need to apply for a work permit, which is granted only if no EU citizen can fill the position. Some forms of work (summer jobs, obligatory internship) do not require a permit as long as you are a full-time student. Full-time students who possess a temporary residence permit EU/EEA citizens and holders of the Card of the Pole do not need a work permit at all.


How to apply for admission

Almost all schools in Poland accept online application. Before you begin your application, make sure that you visit the school’s webpage check the program requirements, deadlines etc. Once you’ve submitted your application, the admission office will go through it and will issue you an invitation letter if you meet the minimum entry requirement.

List of low tuition universities in Poland with fees ranging from €2000 to €4000 per year

Please find below a comprehensive list of low tuition universities in Poland;

  • Academy of Economics in Cracow
  • Academy of Economics in Katowice
  • Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz
  • Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan
  • Agricultural University Of Cracow
  • American Academy of English
  • Catholic University of Lublin
  • College of Science, Warsaw
  • European Academy of Arts
  • Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk
  • Gdansk Medical Academy
  • Gdansk Technical Academy
  • Jagiellonian University, Cracow
  • Katowice School of Economics
  • Kozminski University
  • Lodz Technical University
  • Medical Academy in Gdansk
  • Medical Academy in Lodz
  • Medical Academy in Wroclaw
  • Music Academy Cracow
  • Polish Open University in Warsaw
  • Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology
  • Poznan School of Banking
  • School of Banking and Management in Cracow
  • Silesian Academy of Medicine in Katowice
  • Silesian Technical University of Gilwice
  • Technical University of Cracow
  • Technical University of Lodz
  • Technical University of Lublin
  • Technical University of Poznan
  • Technical University of Warsaw
  • University of Gdansk
  • University of Management and Marketing
  • University of Opole
  • University of Silesia
  • University of Warsaw
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Warsaw university of Technology
  • Wroclaw Technical University

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