Improve Your English: Simple Tips to raise your level as a non-English speaking student abroad


Study abroadEnglish is still the number one language in business, it is essential to many industrial areas and one of the main skills sought by recruiters.

Discover how to express yourself better without much effort.

For many people speak English is a headache, have difficulty learning it or few opportunities to practice, but the need to learn the language to advance their careers, make English a compulsory requirement.

If you are studying, you’d do it or have some ownership but feel ‘rusty’, follow these tips and improve your level:

That does not give you grief

In Mexico we usually judge a mispronunciation of English, especially because our proximity to the United States makes us more in touch with the language. However, think of the foreigners who speak Spanish does your pronunciation is impeccable? The answer is no.

The surest way to improve your English speaking is !, if you do not practice cannot improve, if you think about how hard it is and you cannot be sabotaging your chances of making it happen.

Dare to make mistakes

As in many other aspects of life, making mistakes is an opportunity to learn. If you prefer to stay quiet when you have a chance to converse in English to avoid mistakes, your learning will be much slower.

If someone corrects you, be thankful and continue. Do not forget that even people whose native language is English, make mistakes, so every mistake fail to improve.

Not everything is grammar

Some learning methods start focusing on grammar, oral practice leaving in the background. You can use the wrong item or poor structure in a sentence and still make you understand.

So relax on grammar and not worry about a perfect structure. Remember that when you learn to speak Spanish do not know anything about grammar! The practice strengthens your confidence and you will have plenty of time to use proper grammar form below.

Avoid comparisons

Each person has a unique way to get new learning. When learning a foreign language is not a good idea compared to other classmates or colleagues.

Focus on your own progress and celebrate your progress, you may never reach the level of a friend who lived in the United States five years and speaks perfectly, but what really matters is that your level is good enough to help you reach your goals Professional: study a masters abroad, get promoted, change jobs, earn more money, etc.

Make it part of your routine

There are people who enjoy practicing English, but some people do not find it funny. If you belong to the second group you should approach him in creative ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Learn songs by your favourite bands in English
  • Watch TV shows or movies with English subtitles
  • Play video games in their original language

Study online

If time and money have prevented take a course and improve your English, online options may be ideal for you. They have the advantage that you do not need to move you to a study center and also usually have affordable prices.

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