How you can make money to support your education

Making up your mind to study abroad is one thing and having the needed resources to finance your study is another thing. So what can you do to make money for your study?

Well, there are a lot of things you can do that can generate little income for you daily. You may decide to go into business where you buy certain products from the market and sell it out to make little profit, or you may decide to work part time for in some companies around you.

All these can help you generate income to support your study. But, there is another way of making money which I will like to share with you today.




There are different ways of making little income from the internet but I want to share with you the most reliable way of making income from the internet, such that you can do it part time as a student. I am talking about making money blogging with websites. Well, the word blogging might sound strange to some of you who don’t have much knowledge about internet marketing.

Blogging is simply the act of updating information on a special website called “blog”. As you update information on daily basis, you will have lots and lots of people coming to your Site to make use of the information.

However, to be successful in this blogging business, you should have a domain name and a self hostel blog/site. Self hosting a blog usually cost   between $3usd and $7usd depending on the hosting company you intend to use. You can host your blog with the following hosting company: Bluehost (, Dream host (, Hostgater ( etc

You can as well purchase your domain name from these hosting companies or you can purchase it from godaddy ( When you have finally set up your blog, you can start to blog about anything you like. You can blog about finance, food, entertainment, education, etc.

After you have established your blog and added up to 20 quality pages, you can then sign up with CPC ads network like Google adsense, adbite, chikita, adclickmedia etc and they will place adverts on your blog. When people click on these adverts, you get paid.

As a student, you can do this part time and generate income for your education. If you need more information on how to build a bog and start earning, drop a comment below. Thanks


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