How to Get the Right MCAT Score to Get Into a Good Medical School

– The Medical College Admission Test commonly referred to as MCAT is the test required for one to gain admission to many medical schools.

– A good score is vital, it would therefore be prudent to prepare thoroughly for you to take this test once. It is computer-based and it examines: the sciences – biological and physical, your verbal reasoning, and not forgetting your writing skills.

The MCAT Score.

– Apart from fulfilling many other prerequisite before joining a medical school, your MCAT score is the main determinant. Fulfilling the required course objectives is essential.

– A good understanding of biology, chemistry and physics will definitely boost your score. The score will be used to gauge your success once you join medical school.

– In some regions, the scores are heavily weighted to allow only the best to join these schools. Some have even set the minimum cut-off scores. Therefore as a student, you have to meet these set scores to be put into consideration.

The MCAT Test.

– The relevant three sections to be tested are scored from 1 to 15 with 1 being the lowest and 15 the highest you can score in each section. That means a score of 3 is the least you could get and 45 the most you can score. A good balance of scores between the sections is important to allow for a high combined average score. Many competitive schools are in the look for high combined scores of a minimum of 30.

Getting Ready

– First and foremost, have the passion. This will give you the drive to move forward since you are working for something you want and like. Visiting and volunteering at health centers would demonstrate your passion and determination to work in such an environment.

– The main concern would be to concentrate on your overall GPA grade. However, more study work should be channeled towards, biology, physics, chemistry and mathematics. These are the main subject areas that would determine whether you join medical school or not.

– Try to be an all rounded individual with varied campus views, activities and exposure. In that way, you will improve your verbal reasoning skills which constitute your MCAT. A good score in this area will definitely boost your final score.

– Engaging in writing activities such as joining the journalism club or taking part in essay writing competitions will ensure you have strong writing skills. This is another segment covered by the MCAT.

– Having a tutor with a customized preparation designed to suit your needs is a plus. He/she would be able to monitor your progress and adjust your preparation to go in line with your progress.

– Attempt a wide range of full-length sample tests with your tutor or through online sessions.

– Meet and seek advice from others who have gone through the test through networking. You can learn a lot from them as they share their experiences which you can learn from.

– Finally, apply for ESTA and make sure you register for the test in time to be aware of your test location, date and time. It is done by the Association of American Medical Colleges through the internet.

All the best.


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