How to Find a Part Time Job While Studying Abroad

If you plan to take your higher studies abroad in a country different than yours, then it might be the right time to do so. Every major economy in the world is trying to attract students from other countries and so also introducing lucrative offers such as scholarships. However, limited in quantity, not everyone can expect to fund his or her education through scholarships and that’s the only reason that you are probably reading this article. You need a job, a part time that too, which can help you pay at least the accommodation costs. How to go about finding a part time job and pursuing it for earning better?

If you are looking for ways to fund your living expenses in foreign land while managing your studies you are at the right place. As an international student you may  need to find a part time job which can help you cover the costs of living abroad and also, who knows, you might be able to save something for your after-college days. You can use these jobs to make new connections that might help you in your time of need. How to go about finding a new part time job?

Get help from your university

work and studyThe simplest way is to get help from your university officials. Every college or university has a placement cell, a career office where you can go ask for some part time jobs. The university runs work study programs where students can register themselves whenever they are in a need of a part time earning opportunity. Even though the earning through these programs is not so high, but still something is always better than nothing. Some of the jobs are on the university campus itself and that is actually the best thing about these jobs. You won’t have to travel across the length and breadth of the city just for sake of your part time job. These work opportunities present the best balance between studies and work.

Use your connections

Using your connections is an appropriate way to getting hold of a new job opportunity. This is truer in a foreign land where you know a handful of people and sometimes do not even know their language. In such a situation having few reliable connections who can take you to places and help meet new people that normally you wouldn’t have a chance to meet. To make new connections you yourself should make conscious efforts, go to places where you will find like-minded individuals, meet new people, talk to them and let them know that you are searching for a part time job.  In this digital decade getting connected is the easiest thing on the planet. Internet and the n number of social networks are making it easier to connect with anyone around the world.

Search on Your Own

If you could not find help in the first 2 tips the only way out is to start searching on your own. Get outside of your comfort zone, explore the local business scenario, and knock on the doors of places that can possibly offer employment. Check local listings in newspapers and circle out the jobs that look interesting and go well with your requirements. It is not that difficult to find a job locally, especially in restaurants and local stores. You will find a lot of local students also already employed in these places, so most of the time, it is safe and doesn’t affect your studies as well. Just to make sure you don’t miss any open job opportunity it’s good to subscribe to a job alert service. The benefits are immense as you can get latest job alerts on your mobile or email without making much efforts.

A big caveat while studying abroad is the Visa rules in that concerned country. A student t Visa which you already must possess may or may not cover your work. In Australia, you can work once the course is complete, while in US you can only work in campus with the help of your F1-Visa. For working out of campus you will have to contact immigration department. Thus, make sure to be on the same page as the local immigration authorities as long as visa rules are concerned.


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  1. Thanks for sharing an tips for finding part job while studying abroad. I am also looking for same in Canada. I searching a job which help me to save some money while studying. So your post will help me out to find a job and will try to get some help from university.

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