How To Earn Money Online Part Time As a Student

Being a student is not an easy task and that too when you are studying in other cities & facing a never ending shortage of money.

Most of us consider student life to be one of the best parts of our life wherein we lay the foundation of our career as well as enjoy an active social and fun-filled life.

But sometimes as a student you find yourself cash strapped and in need of money and looking for some ways to get extra cash.

Thankfully the world of internet gives us a chance to make some extra money without the need of leaving your dorm room!

Online surveys

One of the famous online works among students is where they just need to fill out online survey in their spare time and even while travelling to school or college.
These online surveys are run by research companies to enhance their product and services.
Many good sites like  Toluna, MySurvey and IPSOS provide online survey work.

 Sell Your Notes

Every student creates notes to get good grade in class. But do you know you can also make money by selling the same class notes online?

It’s a great way to generate extra cash and I can say it is just the royalty of work which you have already done.
Once any student downloads your notes you will get commission for each sale. You can use sites like nexusnotesstuvia  and notesale  to upload your notes.

Start blogging

If you have any hobby like playing any sport, travelling or anything creative, then you can just write content about it and share with others online.
You can also blog about your academic subject or any specific skill you know.
You can check how to start a blog and once your blog starts getting some traffic then you can monetize your blog in a number of ways.

Earn cash from YouTube

Becoming a Youtuber is one of the easiest tasks and you don’t need any special skill to start earning from YouTube. You can create a video in any language from any mobile camera you have and upload it on Youtube.

Roughly you can earn $2-10 for each 1000 views and earning from YouTube depends on your video viewers’ country.

Get paid to watch videos

If you don’t want to create video then you can also make money by just watching promotional videos and adverts.

Sites like   Maximiles and Jingit provide you money for the same but earning from this type of task brings very little money.

Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design includes Logo, t-shirts, website, book cover, business card, product packaging and many more. If you are creative and know few tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop then you can create any type of  graphics.
You can join 99 Designs, Behance or Cafe Press sites and start earning online.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Becoming a tutor is very easy when you know just one subject well…if you are college student then you can teach any junior class or school students.
There are many websites available which allow you to teach online and pay you on an hourly basis.
If you possess any such skill, then you can become a tutor on,, and

Articles (Content) Writing Jobs
Content writing is one of the best paying online jobs for students so if you are good at writing then online content writing is one of the best ways of earning money
Your earning totally depends on your writing skills. If you are new to writing then you may be paid less but with time you can start earning good money.
You can use com,, and to get writing job

User Testing Websites

Most students nowadays are technology savvy and invest most of their time online so they know what should be available on what type of site.
Here you just need to visit websites and give your reviews as end user like how you feel with User interface, colour and functionalities.
You can sign up on sites like and  to get user testing task.

Micro job

Micro job is something which takes less time to get you some cash. One of my favorite sites is where you will find more than 3 million of different work list. You just need to search one, create a gig and start making money.

You can also check other sites like, (Recommended for UK, Australia and Canada) and


There is no easy money and earning it surely needs some effort. So choose what you like to do and start earning money from today.

Note: Make sure to use only trusted site otherwise you will be trapped by scam sites.

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