How To Cope With Homesickness While Studying Abroad

Homesickness is, something everyone deals with whether they admit it or not. Homesickness can be as a result of some factors such as: difficulty in adjusting to a new environment, feeling lonely or cut off from your regular support system, confusion or problems in understanding a new environment/culture/language, a perceived lack of control over what’s happening around you, culture shock, and the list goes on. Well, if every other person who has studied abroad could handle it, so can you. Here are a few remedies that can help you to battle with homesickness:

  1. Always stay busy

Don’t spend hours sitting in front of your laptop looking at Facebook photos of your friends back at home. Staying in contact with them is one thing. But constantly wishing you were back with them is another. There is always something that needs to be done – a task, an errand, a project that needs attention, etc. Keep going to club meetings, playing sports, window shopping, and even going out to eat for that matter. Getting out and staying social is the best way to avoid homesickness. The more social the activity, the better.

  1. Don’t save work until the last minute

This could be tough because everyone procrastinates at one point or the other when it comes to doing assignments. But at times when you really feel stressed out, work may have to come first. Organizing your time and focusing on getting your work done for a few days will probably relieve a lot of that stress. And of course, the less stress in your life the more liable you are to enjoy it, and the less prominent homesickness become.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise will not only help you combat homesickness, but it will also keep you healthy and in shape while you’re abroad. Eating badly and being inactive can make you feel torpid and bring down your mood – which isn’t helpful if you already feel less than great. Go for daily runs, commute to class by bike or just try to walk as much as possible – whatever you prefer, but make an effort to create healthy habits. Your body will be happier, and you will certainly feel better!

  1. Avoid Being Upset Day after Day

Being upset day after day not only ruins your own time but also ruins that of everyone else around. You can share your feelings with fellow students, and don’t let issues, worries, or concerns mount up. Talk to your faculty advisor, study abroad coordinator or host family. That’s what they are there for! It happens to everyone.

Remember that you are only abroad for a summer, a semester or a year. Don’t let homesickness ruin your life. It will be one of the quickest times of your life, and probably, the most fun. Take advantage of every new opportunity out there. Homesickness is a momentary emotion, while your study abroad experiences and memories will last a lifetime. Make the most of it!


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