How to Combat Homesickness While Studying At A New Place

HomesicknessThousands of students leave their home country and go abroad for pursuing further education. This does not only give them a better educational opportunity but also teaches them a lot about life. However, students studying abroad sometimes become very homesick. They tend to miss their home, family and friends, but there are ways to handle this situation. Take a look at the following few tips that can help you cope up with the homesickness while studying abroad:

  • Stay In Touch With Family And Friends Back Home

The generation before us were at great disadvantage as the technology back then was not that advanced. But it is not the case with us now, is it? You have your smart phone and laptop; download Skype and Whatsapp and talk with your loved ones back in your home country. You can fix a time and day when you are free, and talk your heart out to your friends and family members. You can always stay updated about what they are up to and can share special moments of your life with them through these apps.

  • Give Yourself A Break

Take out time to put a pause to your hectic life and pamper yourself. You can draw yourself a relaxing bath, visit a salon to get a relaxing massage or enjoy soothing facials to feel fresh. This is to clear your head and kill that depressing feeling of homesickness.

  • Develop A Hobby

You must have had several hobbies growing up in the home country. While you are studying abroad and feeling homesick, try to find places and enjoy those same old hobbies or develop a new one. It can be participating in any volunteer work, attending baking classes or pottery classes, learning a new language or going for scuba diving. Just make sure to try whatever makes you happy and distracts your mind from stressful thoughts.

  • Celebrate The Holidays Of Your Culture With The Locals

You would find numerous people belonging to your home country and sharing your culture no matter where you go for studying abroad. Meet more people from your home country and be good friends with them. You can then share the cultural holidays and religious festivities with them. Not only would it let you have a good time, but also it would make you feel less homesick.

  • Keep Yourself Busy And Active

Of course, you will be homesick if you are staying inside all the time. Go out to enjoy the fresh air, meet some friends, watch a new movie, do some window shopping or enjoy your favourite ice cream, and you will suddenly feel a positive change in you. Do not let yourself feel bored or else you will start feeling homesick again.

  • Avail This Time To Explore New Places

While you are living abroad for studies, explore the new country and gather good experiences. There must be plenty of new places that you always wanted to visit or foods that you always wanted to try; this is the time to do all that. Remind yourself that you would miss this place once you return back to your country after completing your studies abroad.

  • Hit The Gym

Download songs or trances to your mp3, and get ready to work up a sweat! You can visit the nearest gym and get yourself a membership. If you are unable to find extra time for gym due to studies, fix the weekends for it. Exercising is an important tool that is proved to help coping up with almost everything. Not only does it keep you in good shape, but it also helps you cope with homesickness.


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