How to apply for and win scholarships

Getting scholarship to study is not difficult at all, it all depends on the individual and how he/she goes about it. Year in year out, thousands of organizations, individuals and cooperate bodies give out free scholarships to enable poor students further their study abroad.

Sad to say, most of those scholarships and funding go unclaimed. Why? Because most students are not aware that such scholarship exist, some feel  they cannot win a scholarship so they shy away from applying. The fact is that you can get a scholarship irrespective of your grade, race, gender and educational background. Read that sentence again!

Scholarship selection committee look beyond one’s gender race or grade, there are other little things that appeal to them apart from grade. They look at the way you prepare your essay, your hobbies, your motivation etc. for example a second class lower division applicant with properly written essay will be prefered to a first class students with poorly written essay. I am saying this, because I have  seen students graduate with low grades win scholarships to study abroad.

So having said all these, what are the things you should do to ensure that you win scholarships




Start as early as possible to write your scholarship essays. As you are writing the essay, endeavor to include the following information, your academic achievements, career path, work experience (if any) and your study plan. Your academic achievements are those superlative performance you had while in school. Career path applies to those applicants that have worked for certain number of years. If the work experience you had is related to the scholarship or programme you hope to study, it is very important you include it in your essay.


After preparing a nicely written essay, the next thing is to start searching for scholarship. You can do this with the aid of search engines like Google, etc. Use  keywords like ‘2012 undergraduate scholarships for international students’. The search engine will return all the scholarships that have been advertised for undergraduate study. Choose the one that appeals to you and start your application.


This is very important as your application will be rejected due to incomplete supporting documents. Document usually needed include Transcript/Results, English proficiency result like toefl, reference letters and scholarship essay.

You can as well attach other documents like professional body certificates, copies of project/research work you have carried out which is relevant to scholarship. This will help boost your application and will make the scholarship committee consider you for an award.


Make sure your application arrives before the deadline of the scholarship as your application will not be considered after the deadline. Always check the deadline for all advertised scholarships before you start your application.

If you abide by the information I have provided here, you will definitely get a scholarship to study abroad. If you have any question which I know you do, why not drop it here on the comment box and lets  talk about it. Thanks


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  1. hello my name is blaise i come from a very poor family i have been strugling ever since i left high school to get a scholarship but it has not been easy.please can you people help encourage me on how to get a scholarship that is meant for very poor students

  2. Hi
    My name is mishfak.
    My father is very poor and I’m very wish to complicet my scours. In europe. My SSC/HAC. Totule. Point is 7-08 can I have scholarship please kindly help me please.

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