Haas School of Business MBA Scholarships at University of California, 2015

Hass Business SchoolHaas School of business at the University of California is accepting applications from domestic and international students for its MBA program


The scholarship in most cases is meant for two years with a quarter of it given at the start of the semester. Apart from the Consortium fellowship, all Hass fellowship are awarded after admission.

There are various scholarship categories they include

Mike and Carol Meyer Fellowship: comes with $20000 scholarship for students interested in science and entrepreneurship with an undergraduate degree

Dr Tahir Fellowship: $40000 is awarded to students who finished their undergraduate studies in Asia

Marketing Scholarships: $50000 awarded to MBA students who are interested in having a career in marketing

CJ White fellowship: $50000 awarded to MBA students who are interested in having a career in finance

Berkeley MBA grants: $20000-$60000 is awarded to students in need of financial support

Blue Duck scholarship: $20000 will be awarded to MBA student with an undergraduate degree from University of Oregon

The Coan Torres Family Fellowship: $10000 awarded to MBA student who shows the willingness to promote diversity in business and labour terrain

Diversity Scholarships: $50000 are awarded on the bases of ability to promote diversity

Dean’s Fellowships: $110000 is awarded based on career path chosen

The David S. Ng Fellowship: $110000 is awarded to students who show real interest and potential in economy, business or leadership in their home country

The Ulatowski Fellowship: $20000 is awarded to students who did their undergraduate degree in Poland

Haas Achievement Awards: awarded to persons who have obtained great success in the midst of many issues such as health, accommodation, education among others


Scholarships is awarded to all MBA programs


Must be prepared to be a full time MBA student



Applications are done online. Click here to contact the scholarship provider for more information on how to apply


Applications are due on 2/18/2015, 4/8/2015 and 5/21/2015.

For more inquiries about admissions and visas to study abroad, send an email enquiries@study-domain.com or call: +2347037293057, 08125835476

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