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Yes, it’s real! A good number of universities over the world award on-line degree to students who may not want to leave their home town for study abroad.

But what really is the difference between on-line degrees and classroom based degrees? Well, not much difference.

Online degrees are easy and cheap to get, because everything you have to do is on-line. You don’t need to travel to other countries to obtain it, you save yourself the headache  of applying for visa etc. but you know, what have advantages must surely get some draw-back.

The problem that is usually associated with on-line degree is the fact that most employers don’t accept it. They consider it as cheap degrees since one doesn’t need to spend much to get it,

So, what then is the need of working hard on-line to get a degree that is not valued by employers? Well, am not trying to discourage anyone here, I am just trying to show the good and dark side of getting an on-line degree.

While some employers look down on it, there are many others that are willing to employ candidates with it. Such employers look at the quality of the degree, candidates ability to defend the grades among other things.

However, before applying for an on-line degree, I advice you consider the following things

  1. The pedigree of the school issuing the certificate
  2. The quality of the certificate
  3. Employers view of the certificate
  4. Where you hope to use your certificate

Point number ‘4’ is very important because there are certain places where on-line degrees are not valued. In other words, applicants with on-line degrees are usually rejected by employees in such regions. For example, you may not be employed with an on-line degree if you are looking job inAfrica. European and American employers accept it, through they will have to look at the quality of the certificate before the holder is employed.

Below is a list of some on-line universities and their website. You can access their portal to get more information.

  1. CapellaUniversity                     –
  2. KeiserUniversityecampus        –
  3. Ashford online university           –
  4. AnthemCollegeonline              –
  5. Kapland university                    –
  6. Strayer university                      –
  7. JIU-online                                 –
  8. Post university                          –
  9. Colorado Technical university online   –

10. George Washington university             –





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